Sunday, October 4, 2015

There is no other side of the Coin

When a woman goes in for what is labeled an abortion, it is really a baby killing.  This person, this woman, is going in to kill a life she has no interest in raising; she is killing a baby she does not want to be a mother to.  Her thinking that this is not a life is only just giving her a way out of guilt,
it's giving her this disconnect from the life she is killing.  How can this act be interpreted any other way?Abortion is the word that hides the true act, puts a veil over the real act:  infanticide, or baby murder!  It is what it is!

When a woman has relations with a man that she has no desire to have a child with, this is merely having sex, it's not making love; it's not a self donation to the other, it is merely having sex.  It is a self gratify, selfish act that means nothing at all, it's irresponsible, it's self gratifying and there's no other way to put it!  There is no other side of the coin, if one is only having sex to have sex, not to bring life into the world, not to be open to life, not to be completely open to each other, then there is no meaning to this act.

A Facebook page was started called "shout out your abortion" asking women who have had abortions to show the world how they were proud of, with no regrets for having the choice and taking it.  These women, these modern day feminists, say that they have the life they could not have had if they had these children.  They now have the careers they always wanted and the families that they wanted, but they could not have had all this if they had these earlier children that they killed for convenience. How better are their lives?  Please tell me about these jobs they have now that they couldn't have with a baby in tow?  But these women who are standing up for their abortions know there is something wrong, otherwise they wouldn't be yelling it so loudly, they wouldn't be uprising so crazily vindicating each other.

Planned Parenthood facilities only provide birth-control, abortions, sexuality counseling, that they do mammograms in their facilities is not true, they give REFERRALS for mammograms somewhere else.  They (PP) are the problem, they are telling each woman coming in for an abortion that she is not going to kill a life, it's just a glob of cells!  It doesn't even make sense that this is what they say there's nothing there, it's a glob of cells, or evidence of conception!  It's the terminology that is making it a disconnect so that they don't feel bad, so they don't feel like they're murdering something, calling it an abortion doesn't make it human anymore, it makes it seem so sterile and benign but it's not and the woman knows this, really.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

LGBT's says there are two different kinds of infant murder.......

On FAcebook this evening, I caught a conversation about infantcide from the "free thinkers of our country.  They wanted women to chime in who have had an abortion to let the world know how their experience was....I was VERY curious, but here's what I learned.

  • PERSON #2:  It really is the same when you look at the abortion rates in this country. African American children are more likely to be aborted than white children, it's a genocide of epic proportion
    • LGBT Equality World Wide LGBT Equality World Wide No, you're lying. It's EXACTLY the same. A dead baby is a dead baby, no matter the semantics.
    • LGBT Equality World Wide Those same African American kids have excessively higher ratios of being arrested and imprisoned in a system designed for their failure. If you want to eliminate abortion then at the same time you have to increase support for that child. Someones caring and concern shouldnt end once they've exited the womb. Nothings perfect,nor will it ever be. But that's just what I think
      PERSON #1: Whoa, so you're saying abortion keeps crime rates lower? You are a racist

    • LGBT Equality World Wide Lazarus Agrapides What exactly are we "lying" about? I volunteer at an abortion clinic and last week we had a 13 year old child come in for an abortion. She had been molested by her step father. She was clutching a teddy bear. Which CHILD do you choose? She has a right to live her life without the stigma, and it is likely that, as small as she is, the pregnancy and delivery would kill her, so again I ask you, which child get's the priority? I am rooting for the one that is here now! -Holly
  • LGBT Equality World Wide Factually abortion and infanticide are two different things. Abortion is a procedure performed to a single woman at a time where she has either chosen to do so or has been medically advised to do so. Infanticide is when a governing agent forcibly takes every birthed child and kills them within their governed region. One provides choice while the other,by definition,does not.

What do you think?   I think it's a bunch of poppycock!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Will you seek out God today?

Will you see God today?  Maybe in someone, some thing; in a word or in music?  Did something move you?
If you are gifted with faith in God and His wondrous works, you see Him in all these things, big or small.

This morning as I awoke next to my husband, I thanked God profusely for the gift of love and friendship in this amazing man that I married over 22 years ago.  We are new empty nesters and the house couldn't be more quiet!  I have also been working a full-time job for the past year and that has definitely been another huge adjustment, but with 2 children in college, the money has to come from somewhere! The mornings are getting cooler, the sun lazier getting up and with the absence of kids in the house, sometimes I find it hard to be thankful.  I've been a mother with children in the house for 33 years up until last month and I'm lost.  Still, the sun peeks through the trees in a red halo near the horizon, the new day begins with many possibilities to see God and His works.

Seek His kingdom first......

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Parent's Prayer

God of life and love, you have given me this child to care for this little while.
My heart is welled with joy and thanksgiving, anticipation and anxiety, amidst a longing to be together as we have been till now.
These years of growing up have moved so quickly, so 
many things left undone, so much left unsaid, so much I still hope to give to my child who is taking this new step in the journey of life.

Help us as we reshape our lives to reflect this new reality of college. Show us new ways to be present to each other in love and in trust. Give me patience and help me to remember that my child is establishing new routines in freedom, routines different from my routines.
Calm my fears. Strengthen and protect my child in the midst of the challenges and temptations which surround all students. Grant greater courage that I myself may have had in standing for your truth against compromises of faith.
Provide good friends and worthy confidants for my child during these college years. Help me to give support and confidence, to discern how I am needed now, and to pass on, in my love, a measure of the strength and courage you have given me in the gift of parenting.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Got a Girl in the War, Part 2

Well, the girl is still in the war...the war within herself.  She is still trying to figure life out and where she fits in.  As her mother, it kills me to see such a beautiful, talented, and book-smart teen go though this and being completely unable to help.  It's also very hard to not fall into the comparison trap.

As I watch my other friends' children grow, see my Facebook friends' children progress, smiling faces, my brother's families going places and doing things....I feel like we are wallowing in the pit of despair.  Of course, no one can be perfect, even the smiling faces of my Facebook families.  Of course, not all is perfect in these households.  Of course, I know good and well that we all have our best faces and pics posted.  I know that we should not compare ourselves with others, especially from the pics online.  They are the ones we are proud of and have bragging rights to.  Of course I know that....but still.

My girl in the war, she is a good girl and she loves her family, deep down.  She has been the last and the left one.  Last in the "food change" and left by her siblings who went on to live their lives at school or to begin families of there own.  She was left in the smoke (as she puts it) lonely and forgotten in all their excitement, so her only recourse was to start up some excitement of her own....with the help of the wrong crowd.

She turned 18 and immediately colored her hair purple and announced that she no longer believed in God and was not a Catholic anymore.  She was top in her confirmation class, all her classmates wanted her to help them memorize, understand, and grasp some teachings that she understood completely.   Her letter to our pastor was beautifully written and full of heart, she picked a good Catholic friend to be her sponsor and picked out a new dress.  It was what she said she wanted, she was sure.  I gave all my children the out if they really didn't want to be confirmed, telling them that it was their decision to be confirmed, not mine. She reassured me that she wanted to be confirmed.  Well, now she tells me that she started to doubt things about that time and was confirmed to keep me happy.

That was over a year ago, now we have a completely different 18 year old girl in our home.  She sleeps in on Sunday mornings, doesn't pray grace with the family, she's on the pill (says it's for her acne), bought a bikini this year and has dates with men that we are not privy to who they are without a fight.

She will be entering college in a few weeks, living in the dorms and studying music.  Part 3 will be forthcoming.

Pray for our girl in the war. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Poor Sisters!!!!

The Little Sisters of the Poor, who have refused to violate the Church's teaching by complying with the Obama administration's contraceptive mandate, lost their case today in a federal appeals court. But this is not the end of the line: The case will likely end up at the U.S. Supreme Court, where it will become a test case in religious freedom.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How strong is your faith?

You've heard of the woman, desperate for a cure, who knew that just touching the cloak of Jesus would heal her from years of medical abuse, ignorance, and pain.  In that one instance she was cured, was it her actually touching Jesus' cloak, was it Jesus, or was it her faith? "Your faith has made you well..."

Another example of this is when Jesus said to the blind man in Mark 10:52 "Go your way, your faith has made you well." This man heard of Jesus' and began crying out to Him, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!"   His faith was strong enough to believe that Jesus could heal him and give him his sight.

"Go your way, your faith has made you well."

Where is that kind of faith today?  Do you have it?  There is so much sickness, sadness, and evil around us everyday.  I know that it has been hard on us lately in the Pillar household with our youngest stretching her newly-turned 18 year old wings in ways that has both her parents, brother and sister in shock and awe.  I have never prayed as much and as desperately as I have during these past 4 months.  These things can really shake one's faith for sure!  From the pulpit, from the Bible, from Jesus Himself, we are told that we are not alone, that He will never leave us......but why do we feel so helpless and abandoned sometimes?

Pope Francis, on April 19, 2015 during the Regina Coeli: On Being Witnesses to the Risen Christ, said this:

"Today begins in Turin that solemn exposition of the Holy Shroud. I too, God-willing, will go to venerate it on June 21st. I hope that this act of veneration helps us all to find in Jesus Christ the Merciful Face of God, and to recognize it in the face of our brothers and sisters, particularly those suffering most."  
Not only Christ, but others around us can lend support and encouragement when we are at our deepest low trying times.  Like the two examples above, there's always someone with a stronger faith that can help strengthen the faith of those around them.  They found the proof in their lives  they needed to have such faith. but it doesn't just happen, one has to want it and search for it. It is up to us to seek and recognize the face of God...the Merciful Face of God, and we can find Him in our brothers and sisters, in our crazy upturned lives, God is there and everywhere for us!