Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What I saw a Mass last Sunday

Sometimes, I just need to shake my head....or better yet, not look around during Mass.  People are disappointing, not very reverent, or respectful during Mass.  Maybe they just don't know why they are there in the first place.  So besides the gum chewing and water-bottle drinking, we had a couple of ladies sharing gifts during the readings recently. Yes, one brought in a bag to give to her friend.  She sat down  next to her friend and her husband and gave her the bag.   They talked to each other over the hubby between then to the point that the hubby gave in and moved over for the friend to slide next to his wife.  So, then they giggled and chatting continued all the while going through the seemingly robotic motions of the Mass until the readings.  That's when the one got out her bag of goodies and proceeded to open it and go through the couple of jewelry boxes.  She got out the first one, held up the necklace, gasped at it's beauty, modeled it for the friend, and replaced it in it's box and got out the other box and again, gasped at it's beauty,  modeled it and thanked her friend for these lovely items....all during the Word.  They then robotically stood for the Gospel and the bag was put aside.

Did they hear the Word of Jesus?  Did they get the message...were they listening?

How many people do this...or at least come to Mass not prepared to worship, or give thanks, or offering their time in Mass for someone else in need of prayer?  How many people attend Mass  not realizing why they are at Mass or what the Mass is?

The Mass is a prayer...the most important prayer we can offer to our God.  It is also the one time when we are all together...the we, I mean the Church Militant, Triumphant, praying for the Church Suffering.  We are the Church militants working out our salvation for ourselves, but also for our brothers and sisters around us, and those suffering in purgatory the Church Suffering for their sins, and the Church Triumphant are those souls already in heaven waiting and praying for us.  We are with the Angels and Saints, and all those that have gone before us.

 "What could the prayer of the Church be, if not great lovers giving themselves to God who is love!" – Edith Stein, the Hidden Life

My problem, as you can tell, was that I was completely distracted and annoyed.  Sinful, too, I must admit, and not paying attention to the readings either.  BUT to my defense, my husband and I read the readings every morning, and this morning was no different.  I'm no saint, however.

My prayer for everyone as well as myself, that we focus on Jesus and the amazing gift of Himself to us.  That we focus on the needs of our brothers and sisters, praying for the souls in Purgatory, who cannot pray for themselves and loved each of us are by God our Heavenly Father.  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Christian Unity Week of Prayer: Ecumenicism, what it means to me,

My husband and I were talking the other day about different faiths.  I firmly believe that our duty as Christians is not to make everyone a Catholic, but to open discussions with each other to the point that we can agree and respectfully disagree, but appreciate the other without disdain.  How can we open up communication with each other without getting angry and prejudiced?

Take my husband, for example, we  will be married 23 years next month and for all this time, he has remained a non-Catholic, willing to attend Mass, pay for Catholic curriculum (we homeschooled for several years), paid Catholic school tuitions, attended sacrament celebrations, learned our prayers, and basically supported me and my faith all these years without complaint!  Even to the point of driving us to Mass in the middle of a snowstorm, since I was determined to attend Sunday Mass that day.   

How ecumenical can one get? 

So if a husband and wife, raising kids can do this, why can't complete strangers do this?  It's not like they have anything at stake with each other...like kids, a home to share, and traditions to create.  It's more like just understanding that we are different, see things and relate to things differently.  Throughout the years, my husband has grown in his spirituality, no he isn't a "Jesus freak" or a 'church guy' but he does see God and Our Lord in  a different and more serious way.  He reads the Word with me in the morning and follows the "blue", "white" and "black" books during advent, Lent and Easter.  I have learned to accept him where he is and love him there.  Appreciating his growth and my own growth, too.

During this week, I have prayed that we as citizens of this good earth would learn to value each other where we are and learn from each other.  If Christian unity could look like anything, I'd like it to look like this.

May we all look toward God, from where ever we are, together, holding each other's hand in love and understanding.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Prayers and how they work......

I have No idea.

However, God does listen and He does hear us.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Which Way? A new way?? But what..where?

The Gospel about the road to Emmaus is one of my favorites.  I love the 'in-your-face' lessons especially the ones Christ taught the disciples when they all go through the deer-at-headlights moment that evolve into quiet understanding.  The world was changed that day, hope regained, and the mission reignited.

These past few years the Pillar family has taken on a new chapter in life.  Our eldest has now been happily married for 7 years, our middle child moved onto college and campus life, and the youngest feeling left out and abandoned, challenged her parents' patience, peace, and grit.  Now she too has moved onto college and dorm life leaving her parents in the house that feels too big and too quiet behind.

Yes, I knew it was coming, but now I need to find new ways to live and feel.  As the mom of the family, I spent the majority of the time with the children.  Now, I need to find another purpose.  My husband, God bless him, says that now I need to concentrate on being his wife and being a couple again.  Yes, but I have always made sure I was a good and encouraging wife and I will continue to be a loving wife to him.......I just need more   Does that sound bad?   It's like I need to have a new reason to get up in the morning....

Now my world was changed and I need new hope, a new direction, a new purpose to get reignited.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

What day were you Baptized?

Do you know when your baptism was?  Have the date handy and celebrate it every year?


I was born on August 13  (‘dihectaicosapentagon’ day.....polygon lingo) .....and was baptized on August 17th.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Be merciful to the family

OK, there are times when you could describe a MOMENT in parenting as difficult, full of trials and errors and even hard, but all worth the effort. Being the home educating mom of two very intelligent and talented daughters wasn't the easy road, but the best and most secure option...nowadays.

Children are wonderful with amazing imaginations and logic.  I love seeing the world through my children's eyes. You can learn so much from what they see and interpret life.  One minute they are quiet, thinking, discovering, the next they are happy, singing, or crying about something we might think silly, but to them it needed a better explanation.

With children, there is always work to be done, responsibilities to handle, and attention to be given.  There are meals to prepare, knees to kiss, and hugs to share, making all things better for the moment is a parent's job.  There is never a dull moment with stories told both ways, sometimes the stories they tell are more interesting than ours and laughter ensues.

Can you just imagine 2,000 years ago in a small town in the East, the holy family just grew by one and the God-child in their midst to raise together.  Mothers stayed home and kept the home fires burning for real, they cooked three meals each day, cleaned the clothes by hand, and kept the home clean with minimal help.  Family was the center of their universe and not just mom and dad, but uncles, aunts, cousins, layers upon layers of family.

Family, a mother and father.....female and male, and their children.  It is the core, the  nucleus, the basic foundation, for without it society would and could not exist.  It amazes me how abused and neglected this core of society it treated.  It is up to those of us that realize and appreciate its value in our world to protect it.

My prayer this year of Mercy is that the traditional family get shown the much needed mercy from governments and all citizens it deserves.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Good morning and Merry Christmas!! Ebeth here in the wee hours of the morning making cinnamon biscuits and getting the Christmas roast in the crock pot. As I write this note to you, it's raining and 70 degrees outside. Crazy weather here in the coastal plain of NC.

Last night at Midnight Mass, our pastor's message was on point. He said that for God to give up heaven to be humbled in the body of a helpless infant to prove His love for us, this is where faith and reality collide. The birth of Christ did happen in a place across the big pond from me 2,000 years ago. The apostles did write about it for us to know about this amazing event. So, if there is someone here tonight that is doubting the existence of God, this is the night to begin to believe. If there is someone here that does not believe in God and the divine creator, this is the night to open your mind and heart and believe. If there is someone here tonight that fears the unknown truths of our lives, this is the night to begin to believe.

As I listened to him speak to us, I glanced over at my youngest daughter, who was there because we asked her to, she has turned away from God and has made some different decisions this last year that have deeply disappointed us, I thought. "OK, miracles do happen, but all the same, for all those someones out there that father is speaking about, we believers must take on the job of praying for them"

Prayer is the mighty tool that this little baby boy, born tonight in a stable, that will do great things in the next 3 years, and carry out the task His father sent him here to do, taught us...and so perfectly: pray.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and a blessed day to you all!