Sunday, April 24, 2016

God's Not Dead, 1 and 2

My husband and I went to both movies, "God's Not Dead" and both were terrific with amazingly real messages.  In the first movie, it takes place at a college where a philosophy professor makes all the students sign a piece of paper saying that God is dead and sign it in order to eradicate this issue from any class discussions in the future.  To my surprise every single student obeys this professor, except one.  As the story goes along, this student ends up sacrificing lots of people, friendships and even family in order to stay true to his convictions.  A true social martyr of modern times, indeed.   There are those who would never consider, when the going gets to close for comfort, to stand by their own values and beliefs.

The second movie, God Is Not Dead 2, takes place in a public high school.  Some of the original characters return, but there are new ones that I think you will love, Pat Boone, for one.  A teacher, answers a student's question during a discussion about Martin Luther King asking that in comparison, Jesus spoke about the same things in the same way.  The teach agreed and quoted a few scripture verses and went on with the class.  Another student tattled, and the teacher was put on administrative leave without pay and faced a trial.

The young attorney assigned to the case to defend the teacher realized during the middle of the trial that it was not to prove she didn't to anything wrong, it was to prove that God is Not dead, that he truly is alive and truly lived in those days and truly said, taught, and preached these teachings about Christianity.  Not to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it, I will end  my details about the movie here, but go on to say that this has and will continue to happen in our cities across this nation if we don't get a handle on it now. 

There are way too many of us who know without a doubt that God is alive and kicking ass where He needs to in the world.  There are way too many people who feel His presence in their lives daily, if not hourly.  There are way too may people who are giving up their lives in the service of Jesus Christ every day completely elated and spiritually charged living for him to ignore. 

"God's not dead, he's surly alive, he's living on the inside, roaring like a lion,

At the end of each movie, the News Boys come out and sing God's Not Dead and asks everyone who believes that God is not dead, to text everyone they know that God is NOT Dead.  Well, I got excited each time and texted a few of my people....if you didn't get a text, I'm sorry, I meant to text you, but just didn't have your number......sigh

Please do go see this movie, if you haen't seen the first one, that's ok, you won't lose much if you only see this one for now.  It is a great movie, good acting, and believe me, it is a great message that needs to be spread far and wide!!   See the movie!! and text me, if you have my number!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prayers and My mom

It's Friday and even though it isn't Lent any longer, I thought about some of the prayers I save especially for my Fridays. At the 3:00 hour, I pray the Divine Mercy prayer and if time permits, the chaplet that goes with it. Recently, my mother, who is in the hospital at this moment, had a very bad night and being 10 hours away, there was little I could do, but pray. It was 1:30 am when I got the call from my sister-in-law that mom had gone into emergency surgery. Obviously, I was totally unable to calm down, much less sleep, so I prayed. At 3:00 am still awake and waiting, I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet for my mom, within a few minutes my brother texted me that mom did very well in surgery and was in recovery. During the past 2 weeks, when I get overwhelmed with worry, I cry myself a river, then settle into prayer....peace comes over me and there is calm. Later, I told my mom that I had prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet for her during her surgery.  She was so pleased and told me it was her favorite prayer devotion, I said, "yeah  mom!  You taught it to me!

What prayers do you use most often? Please share!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Books to Inspire?

If the saying "Junk in, junk out" is true, then spending our time reading stuff that does not have any good value would that mean that we were conditioning our brains to have less of a thirst for good values in our everyday life, right? If all one reads is Harlequin romance novels, wouldn't one begin to think that they are missing out on the "good" stuff in real life that they read in the fictional books? I am inclined to think so. Not that recreational reading should ONLY be instructional, moral teaching, and spirituality books, BUT if one would take the time to make the reading list balanced with a good mix of fun, easy reading with a nice selection of spiritual, moral, faith-based books, one could be considered more well rounded in character.

Now with that said, I personally have a list of books that I have read, or am reading now. Most of them are not, "holy-how-to" books necessarily, but they are very far. Here is my list of current reads:

CS Lewis:  The Great Divorce, I've now read it twice
The Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2011, completed it in one year
Michelle Buckman:  Rachel's Contrition, an edge of the chair mystery!
GK Chesterton:  "Orthodoxy"
Thomas Kempis:  Imitation of Christ"  this one I keep at my bed for constant reference
   along with the Bible   :)

The Magnificat magazine,
The Word Among Us, my husband and I read the readings each morning at breakfast

Any favorites to share??  Please leave a comment!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Mother Angelica's special day: Easter Sunday 2016

And a quote from her:

“Since there is no more time, and you and I may not pass this way again, I will ask the Spirit to touch your hearts and teach you all these marvelous things: how to live in the Present Moment, how to be at peace when distress is assailing you, how to love when you don’t feel loved, how to commune with God in the depths of your soul, and how to bear those beautiful gifts of the Spirit, always. I love you, and God loves you more than you know.” – #MotherAngelica

Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Blogging Birthday to me!!!!

Crazy that it has been nine (9) years since I created this blog!!  During this time, I have written over 990 posts, met so many amazingly Catholic people, and learned so much more about my faith, our Creator Father God and myself!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Lucky and blessed girl am I

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What I saw a Mass last Sunday

Sometimes, I just need to shake my head....or better yet, not look around during Mass.  People are disappointing, not very reverent, or respectful during Mass.  Maybe they just don't know why they are there in the first place.  So besides the gum chewing and water-bottle drinking, we had a couple of ladies sharing gifts during the readings recently. Yes, one brought in a bag to give to her friend.  She sat down  next to her friend and her husband and gave her the bag.   They talked to each other over the hubby between then to the point that the hubby gave in and moved over for the friend to slide next to his wife.  So, then they giggled and chatting continued all the while going through the seemingly robotic motions of the Mass until the readings.  That's when the one got out her bag of goodies and proceeded to open it and go through the couple of jewelry boxes.  She got out the first one, held up the necklace, gasped at it's beauty, modeled it for the friend, and replaced it in it's box and got out the other box and again, gasped at it's beauty,  modeled it and thanked her friend for these lovely items....all during the Word.  They then robotically stood for the Gospel and the bag was put aside.

Did they hear the Word of Jesus?  Did they get the message...were they listening?

How many people do this...or at least come to Mass not prepared to worship, or give thanks, or offering their time in Mass for someone else in need of prayer?  How many people attend Mass  not realizing why they are at Mass or what the Mass is?

The Mass is a prayer...the most important prayer we can offer to our God.  It is also the one time when we are all together...the we, I mean the Church Militant, Triumphant, praying for the Church Suffering.  We are the Church militants working out our salvation for ourselves, but also for our brothers and sisters around us, and those suffering in purgatory the Church Suffering for their sins, and the Church Triumphant are those souls already in heaven waiting and praying for us.  We are with the Angels and Saints, and all those that have gone before us.

 "What could the prayer of the Church be, if not great lovers giving themselves to God who is love!" – Edith Stein, the Hidden Life

My problem, as you can tell, was that I was completely distracted and annoyed.  Sinful, too, I must admit, and not paying attention to the readings either.  BUT to my defense, my husband and I read the readings every morning, and this morning was no different.  I'm no saint, however.

My prayer for everyone as well as myself, that we focus on Jesus and the amazing gift of Himself to us.  That we focus on the needs of our brothers and sisters, praying for the souls in Purgatory, who cannot pray for themselves and loved each of us are by God our Heavenly Father.