Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A book Review: The Women of the Gospels, Missionaries of God's Love

The Women of the Gospels, Missionaries of God’s Love, by Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan is a great resource for small group discussions. I have always been fascinated by the women in the time of Jesus’s earthly life, and this book brings out some very interesting facts about a few of the lesser mentioned ladies in the Gospels. Published by one of my favorite companies, “The Word Among Us” in 2010 and written by Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan, this delight highlights five women and one group of women whose roles were rather small in context, but powerful spiritually. She also brings to the reader’s attention that though the Bible was primarily written by men, the women of the Bible were treated with such respect and value. Getty-Sullivan calls to mind that the Gospels should give women pause “to examine their own Christian identity and reclaim the roles inherited from the courageous and faithful women in Jesus’ life.”
For starters, Elizabeth is the trusting and faithful one who didn’t hesitate to believe both that God would answer her prayers and that the Son of Man was present in her young visiting cousin, Mary. During these chapters, the reader is given a chance to examine their own understanding of the role of each biblical woman, and Grow, and Reflect upon these stories. Finally, the reader can put themselves in the position, in the modern world, as these missionaries did in their time in the ACT section.  Also, in each chapter, the author “spotlights” an aspect of the woman’s story in ancient times in comparison to modern day, very interesting, indeed!
From Anna, with one paragraph in the bible, to the Samaritan woman to Mary of Bethany, we ministered, waited, prayed, cheered and spread the good news all though the Gospels with small egos and big hearts and overwhelming faith!
My recommendation for this book is go and get the parish secretary to buy a bulk of them and get a discussion group together for the upcoming months!
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