Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Word about Reading lists

If the saying "Junk in, junk out" is true, then if we spend our time reading stuff that doesn't have any good value, wouldn't that mean that we were conditioning our brains to have less of a thirst for good values in our everyday life? If all one reads is Harlequin romance novels, wouldn't one begin to think that they are missing out on the "good" stuff in real life that they read in the fictional books? I am inclined to think so. Not that recreational reading should ONLY be instructional, moral teaching, and spirituality books, BUT if one would take the time to make the reading list balanced with a good mix of fun, easy reading with a nice selection of spiritual, moral, faith-based books, one could be considered more well rounded in character.

Now with that said, I personally have a list of books that I would love to get time to read, but have a hard time reading a chapter of one and then switching to another to try to get the other books in. Most of them are not, "holy-how-to" books necessarily, but they are very far. Here is my list of current reads:
"John Paul II, Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way" His trip down memory lane to the papacy
"Jesus of Nazareth", Pope Benedict XVI
"The Authentic Catholic Woman", Genevieve Kineke. Common sense tied to sacraments
"Common Sense, 101" It's Chesterton explained by
Orthodoxy by GK him!!!!! so far!
Prayer Primer, Igniting a Fire within. by Thomas Dubay S.M.
The Catholic Mother's Resource Guide, Maria Compton-Hernandez. Read it once a few years ago and thought I would re-read it lately......some resources need to be updated here..Maria!!?
St. Thomas Aquinas, Jacques Maritain in 1948. I found this book at my parents house this Christmas and asked if I could read it. Very informative about our dear Dr. of the Church!
A Father Who Keeps his promise, Dr. Scott Hahn. I am doing the bible study with it that Dr. Hahn provide on his website: READ it!!!!! Do the's great!
Lift Up your Heart, A guide to Spiritual Peace, Fulton J. Sheen. A great read as well.

Reading is what I enjoy doing. Now I know what some of you're thinking..."These are just a bunch of holy, spiritual books?" Yes, yes, but actually GK Chesterton is a fun read. He's funny and makes sense to the point of laughing! Dr. Scott Hahn is another author that is fun to read, his humor is contagious and his explanations of Bible History and Salvation is amazing! I wish I was the reader I am today back in high school.....oh well.

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Steven R. McEvoy said...

EBeth I have posted 2 lists that I have found on the net. Both have some great stuff I have read and some I have yet to but is on my to do list.

A Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan

These books are suggestions for summer reading for students

Yours Steven