Saturday, February 8, 2014

February thoughts

February is the month for lovers, Valentine's Day and all that goes with the theme of love, togetherness, and well, love.  For those who have no love, you are wrong.

We all have love, if not by another human being, from our God and Heavenly Father.  I know it's hard to feel that sometimes, but it is so true that if you opened your ears, and eyes and saw the wonders of the things around you, it would be obvious.

Obvious because there is nothing in this world that hasn't had God's hand on it, all the good that is around us is from the loving Creator.  Nothing that is bad comes from Him, nothing harmful, evil, or scary had it's origin from our God, NOTHING.  All we have in God is LOVE.  What is the evil, scary, and harmful is the sin that surrounds us from one source of another, but basically from the devil.  If one really thinks about this it totally makes sense.

Anyway, February is for lovers, but what month isn't?  What part of our lives, what part of out being isn't about love?  The loneliest person in the world only has to look over their shoulder and feel the light of God's love upon them.

Sounds simplistic doesn't it?  But we live in a world that is constantly needing answers, creating schemes to to solve mysteries, complicating what is so simple. 

Ok, that's my thoughts on the February, the month for Love.

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