Thursday, September 18, 2008

A thought occurred to me at Mass yesterday

The daily Mass is always so informal, but why?

This morning, the older gentleman who was the altar server had on cargo shorts and a polo shirt with sneakers. He had a nice smile and was very reverent when he approached the altar with a nice deep bow.

To me, it's like eating a huge banana split sundae and washing it down with a glass of diet soda. Why bother bowing if you are dressed for a picnic?

If the Mass is always the same, Heaven on earth with Christ and all the communion of saints and angels collected in one space, why would we treat daily Mass any different that Sunday's Mass?



Barb, sfo said...

Does he bother dressing differently on Sunday? Many people in my parish don't! I'd say that the Daily Mass Crowd is better-dressed, on the whole, than the Sunday Mass Crowd.

Even on the day when the Bishop celebrated Mass here, there were way too many people (old enough to know better) wearing shorts to church.

In my opinion, one person wearing shorts is way too many. How tough is it to wear a pair of chinos and a golf shirt?

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

We have the same situation at our parish. Last weekend, the pastor of our twin parish from Haiti was here, and I had to wonder if the poor people in his parish dressed so casually for Mass. Our family does try not to, and I try very hard to not judge those people, but occasionally I wonder if they'd dress in such a manner for a wedding. I'm certain they have nicer clothes. *sigh*

Gretchen said...

We always dress in our best at Sunday Mass, but I have to admit that getting to daily Mass is always a mad scramble and I'm usually dressed casually. I think, overall, that the tendency to looks askance at those who dress casually is a devilish distraction. It divides the congregation, at least mentally and emotionally. You may be right that we should all dress in our best at every Mass, but casual dress at Mass is probably a lesser sin than judging those who do so. I'm not saying you are being judgmental, either. You are making an observation. I myself tend to make judgments on those who are too casually dressed at Sunday Mass. Don't get me started about the Lector who wore capris and a very tight tee-shirt at Mass over the summer!

Anonymous said...

If anyone of us received an invitation to dine with the President at the White House, or Queen Elizabeth at the palace, we'd don our most beautiful clothing we owned.
The King of all creation gave us His only beloved Son, Jesus Christ to suffer and die for all the sins we commit daily, and He willingly embraced his crucifix out of love for us,AND he gave us His own body and blood, so that we may have Life.
I often wonder why some of us show such disrespect in the way they dress.
I do think that those who serve on the Altar of God, should wear long white robes. It wouldn't be a bad idea for them to cleanse their hands, as does the celebrant before distributing the Body of Christ.


Anonymous said...

Jesus likely wore the clothing of his day, and most pictures drawing on info about the times show him very simply dressed. He may even have been barefoot, or open sandals. The people he sought to bring the Good News of the Kingdom of God's love for all people likely had less fashionable clothes than he did. You'll say, of course, that we don't live in those days, and that's true. Perhaps this over-concern for dress is something we've learned from non-Catholic Christians who might be the first to chase away anyone not "properly" dressed for worship. Who started a dress code?

deanna said...

At our parish, I'd say people who are serving at daily Mass dress slightly casual, but certainly not in shorts!

EbethW said...

Gretchen! Yes, yes, I was being judgemental and felt bad at the same time, but in defense of Christ's passion and really disturbs me.

Barb, Christine, Deanne, and anonymous...thanks for your input. Gretchen, you too!

Hugs to all this beautiful Sabbath.

Marie said...

I remember one lady came to Mass wearing a T-Shirt and skin tight leggings. I don't think she realised that because of her run, the leggings had become see through! Not a nice sight!

I have also seen young boys and girls wear terrible slogans on their T-Shirts..What are the parents thinking?!?

But then again I once attended Mass where an entire family spent the time eating crisps and guzzling soda pops during Mass..I kid you not! They received one of my 'special looks'..Later the mother explained that she and her kids had come from some sporting event and were 'starving'..ho hum...My reply was so was Jesus on Good Friday!

One needs common sense and a sense of decorum.

Peace to you Ebeth:)


dawn said...

This is a great post. When I take my kids to Mass during the week, we usually go casual. Sunday's we dress up. But I am tending to agree with you that why should daily Mass be any different? There are a ton of excuses I could offer up, but none that make any real sense. If we can do it on Sunday's we can do it during the week. Perhaps we need to take a look at what we wear whether or not we are going to Mass. Is what we are wearing modest and could I go anywhere wearing it. Some folks won't go to a restaurant or the Mall without getting "dressed". This is one to think about. Thanks.

Moni said...

How fancy, dressed up, no flipflops or sandals?
What you described is Sunday Attire at our parish, even for the double-digit EMs