Sunday, September 21, 2008

A book Review forthcoming!

On Friday, I received my first assignment from Chris Cash, with The Catholic Company. Nice guy, Chris, we had a good chat last week, but I have one question for him, "WHAT ACCENT!??

Anyway, remembering a lesson in high school about reading books, (like I need a lesson after reading 100's of books by now) I glanced over the front and back of the book cover, read the Table of Contents and Introduction: Love in the Ruins. By the time I finished the Table of Contents, I was already hooked and excited about my first assignment as a new Reviewer. Wow, how true it is that the signs and symbols of the ancient Christians is nearly lost to us moderns. I can't wait to dig into it, I kept thinking that my children and knight will benefit from this book along with the more digging I plan on doing after my intro to this old, but oh so necessary language of love!

Oh, the book I'm reviewing? Check out my sidebar for details. The review will be out next week.



Chris cash said...

You know what accent I am talking about. Don't try to deny it, *grin*.

Sarah Reinhard said...

Oooo. See, I was really tempted by that one - so when you're done, can I borrow it? :) I'll send you mine!

Ebeth said...

Sarah, do I have an accent????? Anyway, Yes, let's trade I love the idea! I'll want it back meh, we'll figure it out!

Sarah Reinhard said...

Yes, you have a quite charming accent, Ebeth. (Hope that's not a "bad" answer!) And I can mail it back, I promise! :)