Friday, July 4, 2008

Is your home a Catholic home? Take this quiz

Catholic Mom at Catholic Matriarch of my domestic Church, posted, A blueprint for your Domestic Church, which I found to be a great challenge to see how we at the Pillars' homefront are doing, dare I share? We could do much better, so I need to read the book, Catholicism & Society by Rev. Edward J. Hayes, et al.

Is your home a Catholic home? Do Jesus and Mary have an important place in your family? Consider the following checklist and decide:

Are morning and night prayers a daily occurrence in your home? We pray every night together.
Do you say grace before and thanks to God after meals? Grace before definitely, afterwards no.
Do you say a family Rosary every night? No, my knight isn't Catholic and it's awkward..not an excuse, I know.
Do you carry a Rosary at all times? Yes
Do you wear a religious medal or a scapular? Yes
Do you read and discuss the Bible often? Not enough, but yes
Is your home dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus? Yes
Is there a crucifix hanging in a prominent place? There are several, one at the front door.
Do you ask God’s help in the solution of family problems? Yes
Do you have a sick-call set for Communion or Anointing of the Sick? No
Do you attend church as a family? Yes
Do you go to Confession regularly? No, and my children ask and still forget...Saturday afternoon is hard!!
Do the children attend a Catholic school or Catholic religious instruction program? We homeschool with Seton Homestudy, so yes they get very good catechesis.
Do you have religious instruction at home? Yes, See above
Are there Catholic periodicals in your home? Yes, tons.
Do you have a crib at Christmas? You mean a Crech? yes
Do you send out cards that indicate Christmas is the birth of Christ? Yes
Does Christmas mean the coming of Christ or a chance to get gifts? Coming of Jesus
Does Easter Sunday mean the resurrection of Christ or new clothes? Christ's resurrection
Do you ever invite lonesome or needy people into your home? No
Do you ever provide a basket of food to a needy family, not just at Thanksgiving and
Christmas but during the rest of the year? Very rarely

Anyone else want to take the quiz? Actually, I think we can all learn from each other here, I need improvement in several areas as the matriarch of my domestic Church, especially since my husband isn't Catholic.


EC Gefroh said...

I'm going to take it Ebeth. I will post it on my blog. Thanks!

Deanna said...

Looks interesting, will look at it when I return.

Therese said...

I am going to do it too on my blog Ebeth.


Angie said...

Me too! Thanks for sharing! angie