Thursday, July 3, 2008

Where do I get my inspiration?


Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Oh how cute! You have a buddy who keeps you company, too! I have a cat, "Chop Chop" (I didn't name him!) who is either on my lap while I do my work or curls up around my computer. I'll post some photos of him doing that soon. I have posted them in the past.

God bless and hugs,

PS That book on your desk looks familiar! :)

Anonymous said...

What an adorable picture! My cats prefer to sleep on my keyboard.

I am doing a Catholic bloggers' choice for their favorite Catholic listening material. If you have some contributions to make, I'd love to hear them!

Lyn F. said...

Very cute indeed!

Jean Heimann said...

This is just darling! My calico cat, Jasmine, sits on my lap, when I'm on the computer. My new cat, Calli, hasn't learned what a computer is yet and is still walking on the keyboard. I will have to show her this so she can emulate your cat's behavior.

Marie said...

Awe what a cutie putty tat..We have almost the same monitor but your keyboard looks twice the size of mine..I wonder why? lol I think about these very philosophical thoughts heehee!

In fun

Marie xoxooxo PS: And what a wonderful surprise with Donna's book. God bless you both.

Ebeth said...

Hi all! Thanks for telling me about your cats doing the same thing! Always thought Zak was special, glad to know you guys have one too.

Donna, my daughters thought the name "Chop Chop" was cute! Can't wait to see some pics!

Sisterspitfire: just sent you a favorite listening podcast that I frequent, some more are coming, Donna has a few things to listen to as well.

Lyn, do you have a cat??

Jean, Calli will get don't you hope? However, Jasmine seems to have the corner of the 'market' with lap space!

Marie, I thought all keyboards are the same?? This one is a Dell and the HP monitor is new.....took some getting used to the flatscreen concept. Donna's book is really great! I am getting a good dose of Saint prayers from her!

hugs and purrs from Zak and I!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

It's kind of funny that our cat is named Chop Chop. But, as I said, we didn't name him but his name suits him just fine! He's always "chopping" at something! He loves to chew on paper for some reason. But he is a real buddy and keeps me company all of the time. I'll post a few photos of him at my "Embracing Motherhood" blog so your daughters can see him. So com eon over!

God bless and hugs,