Friday, December 7, 2007

MOVIE CAUTION!!!! The Golden Compass UPDATE

Not only the Catholic League, but our diocese has made a strong case against this movie and book trilogy. I watched the ABC NEWS movie reviewer tell us that he felt that it is "too violent for children" and that it was too long and drawn out. The Raleigh Diocese's statement is as follows:
A film that will be released by New Line Cinema on December 7 is raising concern among Catholics and other Christian denominations. The Golden Compass will be released December 7.

A letter of caution has been sent to pastors, pastoral administrators and youth ministers from Dr. Michael J. Fedewa, Superintendent of Catholic Formation and Education in the Diocese of Raleigh. The letter, which provides information to parents on the concern over the movie and the trilogy of books upon which the movie is based, can be accessed at the link below. The trilogy is titled His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, a self-proclaimed atheist. The Golden Compass is based on the first book in the series.

Also below is a link to an audio interview conducted by Diocesan Communication Frank Morock with Sandra Miesel, co-author of a forthcoming book titled The Pied Piper of Atheism: Phillip Pullman and Children’s Fantasy. The book will be available and can be pre-ordered through Ignatius Press at

In addition is a Zenit interview with Miesel and co-author Peter Vere that the Diocese of Raleigh has received permission to use on its web site.

* Read Dr. Fedewa’s letter (PDF)
* Listen to audio interview with Sandra Miesel (Windows Media audio)
* Read Zenit interview with authors of The Pied Piper of Atheism

This is a movie that should NOT be seen by children, parents, or anyone else for that matter. The Catholic League has put out a video and book concerning this movie and the video is here. Please, please listen to the cautions of the League. The Golden Compass: Agenda Unmasked" is the Catholic League's response. It provides information about the film, "The Golden Compass," and details what book reviewers have said about Pullman's books; a synopsis of his trilogy is also included.

Copies are currently available of the electronic edition of the booklet. To order, use our online form or call 212-371-3191 (a pdf will be emailed to you). The cost is $5.

This is a dastardly way to attract our young into a world of atheism, violence, the occult, and sinister behavior. Very serious is this and we must be aware of this type of commercialism, especially since the movie producers, writers, and retailers are gearing all their efforts toward our 9 to 12 year-olds.

Parents, do not be duped by this and don't purchase the books for Christmas gifts, don't allow your children to be subjected to this type of counter-culture "entertainment". Don't follow your fellow parents' lead in letting the children go to this movie. Just say NO.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

These books and the film are poisonous. Apparantly he writes rather well-and that only makes it all the more poisonous.
Parents need to be much more aware of what their children read.

Tom G said...

Some information you might want to be aware of:

The Scholastic publishing company is partnering with New Line Cinema and promoting "The Golden Compass," and the related Phillip Pullman trilogy, heavily in public schools. There is more information here.

This is an astonishing insertion of a very vocal atheist's anti-God, anti-church agenda into schools. And they're pushing it hard.

It seems to me the church needs to be made aware of this--and parents need to be watching what happens in their children's schools.

Therese said...

I am not letting any of our children watch this video or read this book. It sounds terrible.

Anonymous said...

Yes i put up a post..too..

Anonymous said...

These books are a fantastic read - it is so sad to see you denigrate them without having read them yourself.

Anonymous said...

Have you read it? I'd rather know your opinion (which I value) if you can give me info instead of the same knee jerk stuff the other blogs are parroting...imho

Ebeth said...

Anonymous, without knowing who you are, I cannot be sure of what direction you are headed with your comments, questions, and opinions.

Ebeth said...

Anonymous, however, I will say that I do not go along blindly following any one source for information. I did read the Potter books...all 7 of them, I do like the movie "Chocolat" despite the USCCB's movie review award of 'O' for morally offensive. I thought it was a good example of piety in the wrong direction. Harry and his 2 buddies and JK Rowling are non-threatening books. I gave the "Divinci Code" a 4 chapter try and didn't like it at all and put the book down.

So, with this said, I have to believe the Catholic League, and the others that have been cautioning it, including many non-Catholic sources. I have read so many reviews on this movie and the trilogy to make up my mind that this is just plain poison in cognito.

anonmomus said...

Haven't seen the movie...yet, I know all of our children are much more susceptible to real life events rather than a film. Any warnings on pedophilic clergy also being released? Again, real life trumps movie always. Wholesome starts at home.

Ebeth said...

It seems that the anonymous population on these comments defend the books and denouce the warnings. hmmmm wonder what that means?

As far as my latest anonymous visitor, go see the movie...enjoy it and feed this stuff to your children while you're at it. Warnings about pedophilic clergy? I am sure there are plenty of denominations, BESIDES the Catholic Church,that have clergy you need to watch out for. Do your children attend public schools? Just watch out for the coaches and teachers...there are plenty of pedophiles there...too many to count. Yes, wholesome morals start at home. Cautious homes, where the parents have a handle on what is good and what is evil and knowing the difference.

Divine Mercy said...

just so your canadian readers know, in our city where we live, the catholic board of education pulled this heretical book out of their schools. it teaches children athiesm. not just that, it is satanic. it should not be in theaters nor should it even be allowed. but you know what the publishers would say? they'd scream freedom of speech. ect. they want to ban the Bible because it offends homosexuals, yet they let this garbage on store shelves and in schools and theaters? what a joke!