Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Word about a Stone

Today, 15 years ago, I received a stone. Not just any stone, a beautiful stone with clarity, a unique cut, nice color, and a sensible amount of carat. It came in a fortune cookie that was carefully sized and stuffed hours before, just for me. How many times as a young girl did I walk by windows beholding so many beautiful stones in such an array of color, clarity, and settings. How many times had I laid in the backyard looking up at the stars wondering, "Would I? When? and Whom?" What was in my future? Who was in my future? Never thought much about the stone, actually.

This stone is bigger than any other stone I have ever seen in significance, as it holds a sign of a promise. Not just any promise, but the promise to give my life away, and as the only daughter in the family, the promise to share a room, closet space, towels/washcloths, and soap! Also, watching movies I don't want to watch, listening to the Beatles, cooking things I don't like touching, and living with a cat. So the stone is much bigger in reality, and means more than it's purchase price. Even though 15 years later and 14 years of marriage, I still don't know how much he paid for it....I don't care. It's my oval stone, with clarity, cut, and color just my size and carries the reminder that, even though I must cook liver and onions and hear the Beatles in the background, he is still the knight-in-shining-armour for me. I love you, Douglas!


Suzanne said...

Oh, I'm sorry...I just read this sweet! Congrats!

Ebeth said...


Thanks! I know that after years and years of marriage to remember the day you received your engagement ring is rather silly, if not amazing after kids, moving, career moves..etc. I found an old calendar and there it was!

Climbing for special stones!!