Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Word about Memes

Memes, at first I was not sure what the purpose of them served, but as I have continued to blog, I am seeing their beauty. Some are definitely more silly than others, but they all share a common thread...we are learning about each other...the Catholic community of bloggers.

Recently...well actually 5 minutes ago, this all came clear as I conducted my daily checking around favorite blogs and peruse some posts. There is a meme going around right now that is especially touching and thanks to Curt Jester and his contribution I tip my hat to him and his continued wisdom. Talk about the splendor of Truth!! Several bloggers have put their thoughts to this meme and if I even dare make a stab, I'd be shaded by the reasons others have already penned.

Thanks to the author of this meme....really cool!

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