Monday, August 29, 2011

A TLC book tour: Will There Be Faith?

If catechises could be simplified into one book, this one may be the answer.  As a geek when it comes to Catholic material in all genres from spirituality, scripture, papal documents and other teachings, I, of course was very interested in the invitation to review Dr. Groome's book.   I am somewhat familiar with the professor , in case you are not, he is professor of theology and religious education and chair of the department of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry at Boston College's School of Theology and Ministry and has written “What Makes us Catholic?”

Dr. Groome's vision for future catechises could be summed up in the first chapter in that do as Jesus did.  All through Jesus' ministry on earth, He taught in stories, parables, all deep thinking scenarios, to make His listeners confused and struggle to get unconfused with further discussions and contemplation.  With this process the person can come to understand Jesus' lessons deeper into their hearts where conversion happens.   Thomas Aquinas coined the phrase "according to the mode of the receiver" clearly describes how each of us, wherever life has us, can be reached.  Dr. Groome does go into details from the scriptures to drive his points across for the style of learning/teaching that is needed for "life to faith to life" teaching.

Unfortunately, I have only been through the first 2 chapters of this book, so I glanced at the others who have read this book more thoroughly and found they had some problems.  I encountered the gender issue briefly, but haven't had time to really think about it.  I plan on finishing the book and completing and if needed revising my review and reposting it here for your convenience.

So far I like Dr. Groome’s offering here and can’t wait to get back in my easy chair and finishing it.

Thanks to Trish Collins and TLCBook tours for the review copy and opportunity to be a part of their book tours!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! I hope it continues to be a good read for you.

Thanks for being part of the tour.