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Catholic Carnival #216: Dia daoibh!

Greetings from Ireland! Well, at least in my dreams and looking at the above NASA picture I can just imagine the beautiful landscapes and the smell of the ocean filling my lungs! I still have ties to family there in the Dublin area that an uncle on my mother's side writes to. The Deweys and Haughton's all dropped their O's as they journeyed to America fleeing the potato famine in the mid eighteen hundreds. So, as I sip my Irish coffee with a whipped cream mustache, listening to Enya, Cherish the Ladies, Loreena McKennitt today while crocking a cornbeef roast with cabbage, I offer my blog to you with all the Irish flare I can. Top of the day all you friends of faith, love, and all that is good.

I want to start off with Denise, her submission is very important and I want everyone to spend 5 minutes on her blog post, then I want you to read it again, this time take in what she says at the end. If you are a Catholic, you must heed her words and take up her battle. Don't be ashamed to be Catholic, and don't be ashamed of the truth, with is life. Thanks for your submission and your amazing strength, Denise! God bless you!

Behold, upon the field of night,Far-scattered seeds of golden light;Nor one to wither, but anonTo bear the heaven-full harvest, dawn.
1894 (p. 334, Quatrains: Day and Night)

James M. Hahn presents Wilderness Expedition Uncovers Inner Strength posted at A Wild Catholic Heart.

Next, Kevin shares his post Why do Catholics reject the doctrine of Sola Scriptura posted at Journey to Rome. A friend from our parish lent Mark Shea's book to my knight, who read it and told me it was pretty good. Well, my knight isn't Catholic and probably will never convert, so this coming him is good.

The Dawn Star
Feed me, O morning, till the ray That love hath

kindled in the shade, Lost in the satisfying day
Of light’s perfection, fade.
1910 (p. 335, Quatrains: Day and Night)

Another share from Kevin from his blog, "Bouyer on Grace alone and the Catholic Faith" comes from a book he's reading, "The Spirit and Forms of Protestantism" by Louis Bouyer, who was a French protestant (Lutheran) turned Roman Catholic. Bouyer worked to find common ground between Roman Catholics and Protestants. Louis Bouyer was not just another former Protestant saying simply that “Rome is right”. Bouyer actually believed that the Reformers were right… and wrong, and that Roman Catholics should learn from the Reformers where they were right. Bouyer was working for ecumenism well before Vatican II officially took the Catholic Church down that road. His message to Christians on both sides is as timely today as it was 50 years ago.

Soli Deo Gloria: A Catholic Perspective, is an indepth study by Tim Troutman from the new blog called, Called to Communion. Here, as he explains, is a new website/group blog by authors who have converted to the Catholic Church from Reformed Protestantism. This article focuses on the Protestant principle of "Soli Deo Gloria" and examines it from a Catholic perspective. Thanks, Tim...don't let me forget to blogroll you!

Kate, a real sweetie, is taking care of their #3 baby (still in the oven), while her
husband takes good care of her and the kids, working a full-time job, and smiles all the way through it. In her post, "Bed Rest, roses, and true love," she shares what real married love is. God bless you and your true love!!

The Postulant
In ashes from the wasted fires of noon,

Aweary of the light,Comes Evening,
a tearful novice, soon To take the
veil of night.
December 1893 (p. 332, Quatrains: Day and Night)

The snoring scholar's wife shares a moment in married/parental life in her post, Jeweles in struggles. Sarah and I have had a few phone conversations, she is a true delight with her dedication to getting it done and helping others (like me!) get it done too. Here she shares how an evening with her husband revives her, reflecting on the gift of the sacrament of marriage.

David's funny, he asks me to consider his latest attempt of stringing together a few coherent sentences together! Here, from his post, Citizens of Heaven, he provides a clear cut look at reality in the present state of rise of suicides in the middle-aged class. He explains: God so loved the world that he planted a new tree of life upon the fallen Earth, and He adorned it with His only son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, arms stretched out to welcome all who want to partake of its fruit. Thank you, David, you are right on this one.

We know thee not, save that

when thou art gone, Thy sister,
beauty, follows in thy train,
Leaving the soul in exile till the dawn
Come with the gift of franchisement again.
1897 (p. 332, Quatrains: Day and Night)

We can't be human and ignore the ugly side forever. Jason, keeps me in check with his blog, Executed Today, ugh! but a reality to be true. He wants us to remember this reality as not all is beauty and charity. As he says most truthfully, ..."nobody fills the cemeteries like Holy Mother Church." Thanks...gulp, Jason, for the reality check.

Jean, the pro-life hero of the Catholic blogsphere shares with us another scary reality of our world which fits in with Jason's mission. The aborted, like marytrs, are innocent, strong, and full of spirit. In Catholic Fire's post, Tiller Trial begins tomorrow, Please pray, the video is chilling. Oh, and while your on your knees for this terrible situation, please pray for Jean and her husband, they could use some divine help right about now, too. Thanks.

Facts remain that the government is in the hands of the Culture of death supporters, Christine shares the post concerning the stem cell issue and the new administration's president at her blog, "A Catholic View." Prayers for our nation is more than ever needed.

Julie has a beautiful reflection today from her blog, Adorotedevote, called, "In shadow of His Wings." Please be sure to stop by and be blessed by her.

David Gross presents Faith and Disarmament posted at The Picket Line. Again, I haven't had time to read this post, but from my initial scan, he has some serious points. Thanks David.

David Gross presents Peter Maurin & Ammon Hennacy posted at The Picket Line. Some excerpts from a 1959 Catholic Worker pamphlet called "Two Agitators: Peter Maurin — Ammon Hennacy." I couldn't read the entire post, but scanned, at the end the exerpts of Ammon's essay, Tax refusal and Life on the Land" he states:

In 1959 five of us who had been demonstrating annually were accompanied by 14 others at City Hall Park during the drill and we got 10 days in jail, after waiting 5 days in jail for our trial. The newcomers got a suspended sentence. This time when the judge asked me about “rendering unto Caesar” I answered that
Caesar was getting too much and God was getting very little so I would render unto God by disobeying Caesar as St. Peter did

Deanna, has an amazing point today, she shares from her blog, Not Lukewarm, about the Samaritan Woman at the Well. Are you thirsting for things which bring passing pleasure, but not lasting? Please stop by Not Lukewarm, there are lots and lots of good lasting thought-provoking posts. Thanks Deanna.

"Weakness, foolishnes, and shame," is the share from Joseph this week. His blog is always a good one to visit. As he describes this post, The reading from St. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians this past Sunday is short but poignant. The Jews didn't quite "get" Jesus all the time. The Greeks didn't either. We're more than half-way through Lent; have we taken time to "get it" ourselves?

Marcel, from Aggies Catholics, started a really neat movement in Aggieland, TX, called "I'm Catholic, Ask A Catholic A question." It's amazing and in light of what I continually hear about universities and institutions of higher learning becoming more and more atheistic in their influence on the next generation, this is definitely refreshing and needed! Thanks definitely need a "Gig 'em!" AND a "Whoop!!"

Then you just have to nod your head and then shake it to the stuff of the nation/world. Nod found something that looks faintly like an agreement from both sides of the coin....sort of. I have to say, I was at first shaking my head, then I began to meekly nod......cautiously. See for yourself. The Catholic worldview is still the best answer for me along with Nod.

So get prepared for Mass. This is a post full of videos that I haven't had a chance to view today. I'll get to it at some point surely. Here, Bob shares is post "Fourth Sunday of Lent" from his blog Prepare for Mass. Thanks, Bob.

Like Ruth, she follows where
the reaper Day Lets fall the slender shadows in her way; Then, winnowing the darkness, home again, She counts her golden grain.
January 1889 (p. 336, Quatrains: Day and Night)

Colleen is right on this, God is Love posted at Thoughts on Grace. Thanks, Colleen.

Always a pleasure to have Kevin's reflections on the Mass readings THE GRACE OF THE TRUE, REAL, AND SUBSTANTIAL PRESENCE OF CHRIST CRUCIFIED posted at HMS Blog. Enjoy!

Karianne shares her journey and faith with us from her very pretty blog, "Days Blessing". In her post, "Spiritual Motherhood, she is patient, faithful, and full of hope. Basically, from her thoughts, I have arrived to the conclusion that she has a special angel praying for her everyday.
The poems are from Fr. Tadd, a priest gone from our midst now, but I forgot who gave these to me, so please remind me!!

Dia beannaigh!!


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