Friday, June 27, 2008

I agree with him!

HT: Donna-Marie


Deanna said...

Another reson to love the Pope! I would like to make huge posters and put them on every door of our church, in the bulletin, newsletter and website. Why don't people get it, stop the applause. At some of our liturgies the congregation claps for everything: homily, vocation chalice, offertory song, communion meditation song...Makes me crazy, how can it be stopped?
But seriously, where did you find that beautiful picture and quote?

Marie said...

I agree too!
One of the things I found irritating when I was a part of the Liturgy committee was when the Priest would ask how can we make the Mass more 'entertaining.' We dont go to Mass to be 'entertained' we go to Worship God and receive the Sacraments!

Unfortunately this Priest was a modernist and we clashed frequently!

Thanks for this Ebeth:)

Peace & blessings to you:)

Marie xooxoxo

Jane (a.k.a. patjrsmom) said...

There is a new pastor at our church. Last Sunday, after his homily, he said something like, "Thank you very much for your warm welcome and I look forward to getting to know all of you." He began his walk back across the altar, but about half way there, applause broke out among the congregation. The previous pastor encouraged this fairly liberal congregation, but the NEW pastor looked mortified. He was visibly uncomfortable and the applause quickly waned. It will be interesting to see what God has planned by putting him in this place!

God Bless,

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

It is so jarring when it happens. I am glad it is not habitual in my parish-but I have been there when it's happened. If there is something special to aknowledge-say a wedding anniversary, baptism or someone being received maybe a welcome clap at the END after Mass is over-but during Mass it's just wrong.

Angie said...

I'm right there with ya'll. We have a Lifeteen Mass that has vibrant music and such, but still no one breaks out into applause. Mass is to be pensive and respected. It's not a concert! God Bless...ang

Allison said...

Amen to this and Amen to communion on the tongue. Keep up the good work of getting all this "out there!"

God bless you.

Lyn F. said...


I wholeheartedly agree! Applause at Mass always made me rather uncomfortable ... and as a former Mystery Worshipper, it was the one things I always criticised when reviewing a church. Of course, I've whinged about it in previous posts on my blog as well ... so I will be very happy to include this wonderful gem with the next Catholic Carnival. :-)