Monday, November 4, 2019

Autumn thoughts

Ah, the cooler breezes and the colors. The absence of most of the pollens that drives me running inside and staying there for months.  Spring is beautiful in her awakenings and fresh new starts, summer is hot and hazy with some rain to give much deserved refreshment and the fun outdoor activities.  The beaches, the forests, the bright sunshine, the boys of summer games. Winters are harsh to the skin and lungs to be true.  Depending on where one lives, however, winters can be a much cooler reprieve from the summer months.

1Thessalonians tells us to "Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."(1Th 5:18)  That includes the seasons that He provides us.  For every season has a purpose and blessings. 

Halloween night my husband and I spent the evening at our daughter's home with our little grandson.  A neighbor from next door hung with us as well.  At one point, she, an older lady and widow of many years, told me that she didn't like fall, "It just makes me think of death, everything is dying and I just don't like it.  I like spring and summer best."  That made me sad, it's hard to hear someone say they don't like something that is so dear to you, you know?  Autumn, or more readily referred to as fall, is the fall of one thing to make way for another. The phoenix needing to be refreshed and renewed.    Without this renewal we could not have the spring and the freshness of new life.

Not to correct her or cause negativity further, I left it alone..  My thoughts are my thoughts and not another one's.  Maybe we need to think like this more often in life.   Not everyone thinks the same way and that is really what makes life interesting.

Anyway, this is my beloved season and I want to enjoy it for all it's glory, colors, smells, and cool breezes...without the pollen!


† Renee' Therese † said...

Hello, Just found your blog :-)
I am a Catholic Convert :-) it will be 1 year this Easter :-)
Nice to meet you...
I to LOVE Autumn, oh how Father Blesses us with so many beautiful colors during that time :-)

Blessings, Renee
& New follower

Ebeth said...

Welcome!! It is so good to meet you, Renee and welcome home! God Bless

† Renee' Therese † said...

Thank you Beth :-)