Sunday, October 29, 2017

A book review: The living Gospel, Daily Devotions for Advent 2017

As a contributor, we occasionally get the privilege of reviewing books that would help Christian families in their journey through the seasons.  There was a call out for this little devotional and I grabbed at the chance!  Thanks to Ave Maria Press for the opportunity to review this book and to the author, Deacon Charles Paolino, who is also the managing editor at RENEW International.

Anyway, on to the book review.  This is a small 61/2 x 4" devotional that could fit in your pocket or purse for an on-the-go reference during Advent, which I really like.  It covers the 25 days to Christmas, 2 pages each with a wonderful gift of the Responsorial Psalms for the four Masses at Christmas.

Each day, Deacon Paolino, gives the reader the quieting prayer of beginning devotional of, "Be silent, be still, pray, "Come Lord Jesus."  Then a prayer from a psalm or Isaiah, etc and then a scripture reading from the day's Mass.  The deacon invites the reader to pause each day for 10 minutes, perhaps and "meditate on the meaning of this season and the coming feast and the application of both to your daily life."  He reflects on the reading and gives the reader an opportunity to act in some way to give witness or share in the joy of the season with others around us.   At the end of each day, he shares a prayer for the day.

Each year we make all kinds of plans for the upcoming seasons, especially during Advent and Christmas.  This year add this little jewel to your daily activities.  I see this as a great family resource to share at bedtime, in the evenings, or even to start the days of Advent with a spiritual tone.

Many thanks to Ave Maria Press for the opportunity to review this lovely Advent devotion and supplying me with a copy.  I highly recommend this devotional for all the family members and ages as a great sharing of quality time during this holy season.

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