Monday, November 28, 2016

The Power of a Woman

Amidst the discussion of the still-not-up-to-par status of the female equality in the corporate world, society has left off a very huge, but under-prioritized element of our society: the children. Women who want it all, money, career, power, etc that comes only with a corporate position is the socially accepted goal....but really what about these children? These youngsters are stuck in childcare, with nannies, or wherever with little or no really relationship with their parents, especially their mother.

A corporate life is not all that it is cracked up to being when it comes to the deathbed of a mother who spent her entire life fighting a man on the ladder rung for the golden ring of success according to corporate society.

Feminism has completely come undone when it comes to recognizing and utilizing the strength, power, and influence of a woman in the world. No, her strength doesn't measure up in the corporate world to what she can do for a child frightened of the dark.  No, her power is not as prominent to her co-workers/peers as it is to a misbehaving child or insecure teen, and no, her influence is not as important and long-lasting as with the young children in their care. The presence of the mother in the home raising the next generation of our world cannot be properly replaced by daycare workers at minimum wage, nannies who are book-trained, or exclusive schools.

 Maybe it isn't wise for us to focus so hard on a golden ring that maybe...really isn't meant to be ours in the first place.  Maybe what we should be realizing is that the greatest and most important, influential and powerful position a woman could hold is one a man can only watch from the outside due to his lack of that feminine strength and determination and patience that only a woman has. Maybe, just maybe we have a purpose far more crucial in our world today, since we can easily turn around and see the fruits of absentee mothers in our society with more and more children having no family loyalty, anger issues, lack of security, and good morals

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