Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What I saw a Mass last Sunday

Sometimes, I just need to shake my head....or better yet, not look around during Mass.  People are disappointing, not very reverent, or respectful during Mass.  Maybe they just don't know why they are there in the first place.  So besides the gum chewing and water-bottle drinking, we had a couple of ladies sharing gifts during the readings recently. Yes, one brought in a bag to give to her friend.  She sat down  next to her friend and her husband and gave her the bag.   They talked to each other over the hubby between then to the point that the hubby gave in and moved over for the friend to slide next to his wife.  So, then they giggled and chatting continued all the while going through the seemingly robotic motions of the Mass until the readings.  That's when the one got out her bag of goodies and proceeded to open it and go through the couple of jewelry boxes.  She got out the first one, held up the necklace, gasped at it's beauty, modeled it for the friend, and replaced it in it's box and got out the other box and again, gasped at it's beauty,  modeled it and thanked her friend for these lovely items....all during the Word.  They then robotically stood for the Gospel and the bag was put aside.

Did they hear the Word of Jesus?  Did they get the message...were they listening?

How many people do this...or at least come to Mass not prepared to worship, or give thanks, or offering their time in Mass for someone else in need of prayer?  How many people attend Mass  not realizing why they are at Mass or what the Mass is?

The Mass is a prayer...the most important prayer we can offer to our God.  It is also the one time when we are all together...the we, I mean the Church Militant, Triumphant, praying for the Church Suffering.  We are the Church militants working out our salvation for ourselves, but also for our brothers and sisters around us, and those suffering in purgatory the Church Suffering for their sins, and the Church Triumphant are those souls already in heaven waiting and praying for us.  We are with the Angels and Saints, and all those that have gone before us.

 "What could the prayer of the Church be, if not great lovers giving themselves to God who is love!" – Edith Stein, the Hidden Life

My problem, as you can tell, was that I was completely distracted and annoyed.  Sinful, too, I must admit, and not paying attention to the readings either.  BUT to my defense, my husband and I read the readings every morning, and this morning was no different.  I'm no saint, however.

My prayer for everyone as well as myself, that we focus on Jesus and the amazing gift of Himself to us.  That we focus on the needs of our brothers and sisters, praying for the souls in Purgatory, who cannot pray for themselves and loved each of us are by God our Heavenly Father.  


RAnn said...

How many people? I daresay all of us, at least some times.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting this! We used to attend a parish (incidentally the one we were married at) where people would dress and act completely inappropriate for mass! It was one of the many factors when we decided to find a new parish. Even though our new parish is much better, there are still those who start talking during communion and after-which annoys me to no end. You just received the body and blood of Jesus and you are chatting it up...what could possibly be more important?
Thank you again!