Saturday, January 9, 2016

Be merciful to the family

OK, there are times when you could describe a MOMENT in parenting as difficult, full of trials and errors and even hard, but all worth the effort. Being the home educating mom of two very intelligent and talented daughters wasn't the easy road, but the best and most secure option...nowadays.

Children are wonderful with amazing imaginations and logic.  I love seeing the world through my children's eyes. You can learn so much from what they see and interpret life.  One minute they are quiet, thinking, discovering, the next they are happy, singing, or crying about something we might think silly, but to them it needed a better explanation.

With children, there is always work to be done, responsibilities to handle, and attention to be given.  There are meals to prepare, knees to kiss, and hugs to share, making all things better for the moment is a parent's job.  There is never a dull moment with stories told both ways, sometimes the stories they tell are more interesting than ours and laughter ensues.

Can you just imagine 2,000 years ago in a small town in the East, the holy family just grew by one and the God-child in their midst to raise together.  Mothers stayed home and kept the home fires burning for real, they cooked three meals each day, cleaned the clothes by hand, and kept the home clean with minimal help.  Family was the center of their universe and not just mom and dad, but uncles, aunts, cousins, layers upon layers of family.

Family, a mother and father.....female and male, and their children.  It is the core, the  nucleus, the basic foundation, for without it society would and could not exist.  It amazes me how abused and neglected this core of society it treated.  It is up to those of us that realize and appreciate its value in our world to protect it.

My prayer this year of Mercy is that the traditional family get shown the much needed mercy from governments and all citizens it deserves.

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