Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Good morning and Merry Christmas!! Ebeth here in the wee hours of the morning making cinnamon biscuits and getting the Christmas roast in the crock pot. As I write this note to you, it's raining and 70 degrees outside. Crazy weather here in the coastal plain of NC.

Last night at Midnight Mass, our pastor's message was on point. He said that for God to give up heaven to be humbled in the body of a helpless infant to prove His love for us, this is where faith and reality collide. The birth of Christ did happen in a place across the big pond from me 2,000 years ago. The apostles did write about it for us to know about this amazing event. So, if there is someone here tonight that is doubting the existence of God, this is the night to begin to believe. If there is someone here that does not believe in God and the divine creator, this is the night to open your mind and heart and believe. If there is someone here tonight that fears the unknown truths of our lives, this is the night to begin to believe.

As I listened to him speak to us, I glanced over at my youngest daughter, who was there because we asked her to, she has turned away from God and has made some different decisions this last year that have deeply disappointed us, I thought. "OK, miracles do happen, but all the same, for all those someones out there that father is speaking about, we believers must take on the job of praying for them"

Prayer is the mighty tool that this little baby boy, born tonight in a stable, that will do great things in the next 3 years, and carry out the task His father sent him here to do, taught us...and so perfectly: pray.

From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and a blessed day to you all!

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Mary said...

At least your daughter was there. 1 out of 3 of my boys attended. Prayers going to St. Monica! :)