Sunday, October 4, 2015

There is no other side of the Coin

When a woman goes in for what is labeled an abortion, it is really a baby killing.  This person, this woman, is going in to kill a life she has no interest in raising; she is killing a baby she does not want to be a mother to.  Her thinking that this is not a life is only just giving her a way out of guilt,
it's giving her this disconnect from the life she is killing.  How can this act be interpreted any other way?Abortion is the word that hides the true act, puts a veil over the real act:  infanticide, or baby murder!  It is what it is!

When a woman has relations with a man that she has no desire to have a child with, this is merely having sex, it's not making love; it's not a self donation to the other, it is merely having sex.  It is a self gratify, selfish act that means nothing at all, it's irresponsible, it's self gratifying and there's no other way to put it!  There is no other side of the coin, if one is only having sex to have sex, not to bring life into the world, not to be open to life, not to be completely open to each other, then there is no meaning to this act.

A Facebook page was started called "shout out your abortion" asking women who have had abortions to show the world how they were proud of, with no regrets for having the choice and taking it.  These women, these modern day feminists, say that they have the life they could not have had if they had these children.  They now have the careers they always wanted and the families that they wanted, but they could not have had all this if they had these earlier children that they killed for convenience. How better are their lives?  Please tell me about these jobs they have now that they couldn't have with a baby in tow?  But these women who are standing up for their abortions know there is something wrong, otherwise they wouldn't be yelling it so loudly, they wouldn't be uprising so crazily vindicating each other.

Planned Parenthood facilities only provide birth-control, abortions, sexuality counseling, that they do mammograms in their facilities is not true, they give REFERRALS for mammograms somewhere else.  They (PP) are the problem, they are telling each woman coming in for an abortion that she is not going to kill a life, it's just a glob of cells!  It doesn't even make sense that this is what they say there's nothing there, it's a glob of cells, or evidence of conception!  It's the terminology that is making it a disconnect so that they don't feel bad, so they don't feel like they're murdering something, calling it an abortion doesn't make it human anymore, it makes it seem so sterile and benign but it's not and the woman knows this, really.  

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