Thursday, September 17, 2015

Will you seek out God today?

Will you see God today?  Maybe in someone, some thing; in a word or in music?  Did something move you?
If you are gifted with faith in God and His wondrous works, you see Him in all these things, big or small.

This morning as I awoke next to my husband, I thanked God profusely for the gift of love and friendship in this amazing man that I married over 22 years ago.  We are new empty nesters and the house couldn't be more quiet!  I have also been working a full-time job for the past year and that has definitely been another huge adjustment, but with 2 children in college, the money has to come from somewhere! The mornings are getting cooler, the sun lazier getting up and with the absence of kids in the house, sometimes I find it hard to be thankful.  I've been a mother with children in the house for 33 years up until last month and I'm lost.  Still, the sun peeks through the trees in a red halo near the horizon, the new day begins with many possibilities to see God and His works.

Seek His kingdom first......

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