Monday, September 21, 2015

LGBT's says there are two different kinds of infant murder.......

On FAcebook this evening, I caught a conversation about infantcide from the "free thinkers of our country.  They wanted women to chime in who have had an abortion to let the world know how their experience was....I was VERY curious, but here's what I learned.
  • PERSON #2:  It really is the same when you look at the abortion rates in this country. African American children are more likely to be aborted than white children, it's a genocide of epic proportion
    • LGBT Equality World Wide LGBT Equality World Wide No, you're lying. It's EXACTLY the same. A dead baby is a dead baby, no matter the semantics.
    • LGBT Equality World Wide Those same African American kids have excessively higher ratios of being arrested and imprisoned in a system designed for their failure. If you want to eliminate abortion then at the same time you have to increase support for that child. Someones caring and concern shouldnt end once they've exited the womb. Nothings perfect,nor will it ever be. But that's just what I think
      PERSON #1: Whoa, so you're saying abortion keeps crime rates lower? You are a racist

    • LGBT Equality World Wide Lazarus Agrapides What exactly are we "lying" about? I volunteer at an abortion clinic and last week we had a 13 year old child come in for an abortion. She had been molested by her step father. She was clutching a teddy bear. Which CHILD do you choose? She has a right to live her life without the stigma, and it is likely that, as small as she is, the pregnancy and delivery would kill her, so again I ask you, which child get's the priority? I am rooting for the one that is here now! -Holly
  • LGBT Equality World Wide Factually abortion and infanticide are two different things. Abortion is a procedure performed to a single woman at a time where she has either chosen to do so or has been medically advised to do so. Infanticide is when a governing agent forcibly takes every birthed child and kills them within their governed region. One provides choice while the other,by definition,does not.

What do you think?   I think it's a bunch of poppycock!

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