Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A TLC Book Tour: Glimpsing Heaven

"A Shower of light..."  "A connection to everything and everyone..."    "Absolute love..."

"Who are we, the living, to decide what or who is coming for us right before or during death?  It seems as though pretty much anything can happen."

"Glimpsing Heaven, The Stories and Science of Life after Death" is an exciting book or better yet, study and witness of those who have experienced death one way or another and lived to tell of their experience.  You would not believe some of the amazing stories that fill this book! 

Judy Bachrach writes with great interest and clarity the accounts of these special and very real experiences and puts them together in a book for those of us to see a side of death that could and should calm our fears of the inevitable for each and everyone of us.  I personally applaud her bravery in facing her own fear of death and for those facing death around her by "confronting it-and them-twice a week every week' tending to those facing death.

Ms. Bachrach's book consists of nine intriguing chapters of individuals and their families and many times their physicians' accounts with scientifically proven facts to accompany these experiences.  A great and quick read, Glimpsing Heaven come highly recommended by the Pillar household and many others on this blog tour.

Thank you to both Judy Bachrach for her wonderful work and to "TLC Book Tours for this opportunity to read and spread the word about "Glimpsing Heaven"   The book was generously supplied by TLC Book Tours for this review.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that you enjoyed this book. thanks for being a part of the tour!

Jay said...

thanks so much. I wrote this book not simply as a comfort -- although I realize it does comfort many -- but as a journalist who is astonished that consciousness after death hasn't been probed by more scientists
Judy Bachrach