Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Monies, College and jobs.....OH MY!

Well with college x2 daughters heading there in the very near horizon, my husband said that I really need to bring in more money than the 12 hours a week I do now. I agree, college is NOT cheap and the little I do bring home is basically mad money... or that small plug that stops the checkbook from bleeding for a few days until his paycheck is deposited. It certainly isn't going to pay for much in the way of tuition and/or books.

Anyway, that was a couple of weeks ago; last week a friend of mine called me and told me about the city's park and recreation looking for a visual arts instructor, so I went and checked it. I teach sewing at my job at Jo-Ann's and have taught at the community college and the "other" fabric store across town for about 10 years. The lady was excited about my experience and I'm filling out the application as we speak. But it's nights and Saturdays and very few day classes....not happy about that. But I must get extra money somehow.

Then last Thursday, this same friend's husband called me and asked if I did alterations on men suits..I said NO. He said, "Well, there's a semi-formal menswear store that needs to replace the seamstress that retired after 10 years and assisted the tailor. Hmm, sounds fairly boring and nail-scraping, but I let him have the guy call me. He called and I am going to meet with him tomorrow morning.

BUT, that's not all......I go into work yesterday and my boss follows me to the classroom and tells me he needs to talk to me about something VERY important. I said, "Jonathan, should I be scared right now?" He said, "NO, but you must promise me that you tell no one!" Ok, I said and sat down. He said that out of 169 Jo-Ann stores, 12 or so are going to be discontinuing their education departments. I said, "Ah, and we are one of them." He said yes. He said that I have options, I could go to the Jo-Ann in the next town and be the education coordinator there, but as my son put it, "Mom, that's a 'big hell-No" 50-minute drive for 12 hours a week job?? Or, my boss said, he could guarantee me my 12 hours and I'd work as a floor clerk.

Well, now what? Everything is coming at me at once and I need to make a decision. I probably shouldn't stay at Jo-Ann's since I'm basically being demoted from Education Coordinator to sales clerk, but I hate alterations, but it might pay more and....the classes at the rec center may or may not take......


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Irish American Mom said...

Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! - It sounds like you have many doors opening for you right now - Wishing you every success as you work out what is best for you and your family.