Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pray for Traditional Marriages: Protect it's sanctity

With the Supreme Court's decision looming over us and SO MANY of us praying for the sanctify of traditional marriage being preserved. I want to share some ideas that I have learned over the past 20 years of being married to my knight and soulmate. Feel free to comment with your ideas too. WE MUST strengthen each other in tradiitonal marriages and show the world that we are not destroying it.

1. Manners: from the very beginning of our relationship we said "thank you" to each other, "excuse me" when necessary, and "I'm sorry", often.

2. Thoughful things: From the very beginning we did things that were thoughtful, off the cuff, and as a surprise on any given day or time.......just because.

3. Decisions: We make decisions together...most of the time. (I did fall in love with a little calico kitten and adopted her without his consent, but he loves her too!!)

4. We pray and attend Mass each week together. I REALLY APPRECIATE THIS!!!!!

5. Encouraging words and compliments daily.......DAILY!!

6. Listening. He's a research scientist, so it's hard to remember all the things he does, but I try.

7. Love: We say 'I love you" daily....and mean it!

8. Holding hands and opening doors: A MUST!!!!

9. Laughter: It's in our house!! Not AT, but with each other.

10. Mealtime: We eat at least one meal together as a family DAILY as a priority.

11. We love our children, and do things as a family as often as possible... together.

12. DATES: we find time to have fun together.

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Unknown said...

What a wonderful list. My husband and I try to do these things too, although we no longer hold hands as we walk since one person is always pushing a stroller. I'd also add praying the rosary together daily. We call it the glue to our marriage.