Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Change is in the air

The Pillars has been somewhat quiet as of late, primarily because I have been suffering from a sinus infection, traveling to visit family far away, and at our return catching some virus of some sort that hasn't be too nice to the system.  I am feeling a bit better......a bit, but better is encouraging.

Anyway, it's the season of Easter, we have new beginnings all around's just plain amazing to sit here and watch the weather change, the Church transition, and celebrations constantly being held outside my window from the robins, mockingbirds, and crows all hailing the warmer temps and fresh pollen(UGH) to nurture their spirits.

With change comes questions, fears, and, well change.  The human condition is not good at change, we don't like it for the most part, so when it is about to happen we try to predict what the change will be.  That way we can handle this new "unknown" by knowing.  Makes sense, yes?

No small change, indeed, when Pope Benedict XVI retires. Without much of a wait, we have a conclave, and all the while prognosticators are wildly spinning who the next pope will be, what the changes will take place, what the pope emeritus will be doing.  Wild ideas, from new doctrines, to modernizing old traditions, all to cure the curiosity.

Well, reality came to the balcony on March 13th with the election of Pope Francis, a very simple man.  From the very get-go as pope, he has put all those prognosticators to shame blasting into oblivion any and all their claims of hope and change.

From the very first moment the world saw the new pontiff, it was different, he was different, and we became different.  It was magical.  Now since his first day, this Pope has done things with a twist that has inspired and impressed the world.  He has shocked us and awakened us with a simplicity that is never gets mainstream coverage.  He took the bus, he walked, choose to do his own errands, a smaller living quarters, and a shorter distance from the people, taking the Church with the people.

So many were hopeful that this pope would give way to women priests, artificial birth control, marriage for priests; basically the easier way...the wider road.   What the world got, is a man, instead, who desires to bring the poor and unfortunate to the forefront, to put a more simpler face on the Church, to give way to a warmer, welcoming, Church that has and will always be the beacon of Truth, justice, and the Light of Christ in the world.

Welcome, Pope Francis!

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