Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Taking a ride with the CCC

For my Lenten journey this year, I am reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church in a year.  What a ride it has been so far!  With the help of a couple of very inventive guys this has been very easy to do; sort of makes me feel guilty that this hasn't been much of a sacrifice!  So, I want to give a shout-out to these two great Catholics that are helping this happen consistently now for over 140 days:

 Matthew Warner has been the driver for the readings getting out to us (106,000 of us!) each and every day.  You can find him at his blog Fallible Blogma, writing at the National Catholic Register, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

 Jeff Pinyan, the creator and engine of the program and author of Catholic Cross Reference, also a book, Praying the Mass, among other things.
 Lolek is trying to keep up!

This has been a great experience and discipline over the past few months, too.  There would be times when I couldn't get to the CCC for a few days, then the catch-up would be tremendous as many of the sections would come together with a more complete thought.  My yellow highlighters haven't seen this much activity since my master catechist classes!

Anyway, check out these two gentlemen and their resources and I am sure you will see what I am talking about.

Thanks again to Matthew and Jeff!

Lenten blessings!

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