Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our anniversary Month: At times of crisis

Well, just today, not a crisis, but still a medical issue came up and you know....my knight was at the ready to support us.  Our eldest daughter had an endoscopy done to try to figure out what is causing her stomach pains and acid reflux.  It was her first time for sedation and all that goes with it, so to say the least both my daughter and I were nervous....not our leading man, however!

Through the years, we have had our share of medical issues and each time, my knight has been at my side.  During our two pregnancies, my sweetheart was with me at every appointment, from hearing the heartbeat for the first time to seeing the ultrasounds and deciphering each body parts, to the labor and delivery.  He has been there, holding my hand with words of encouragement.

After our last child was born, he had to have a colon-resection, a fairly serious surgery.  When they brought him back to his room, where his dad and I were waiting, they transferred him from the gourney to the bed he winced in pain....I watched as he winced in pain, it was frightening.  He noticed my face and  gave me the biggest smile...to prove to me that he was OK.

In that precious, loving moment, I knew he was my forever love.

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Colleen said...

Beautiful. I love it. Probably because I recognize my husband in that. He would do that, and has done something similar. We are blessed!