Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Normal

She died in late November.  It was a long and painful battle with recurring breast cancer that had metastasized 2 years after her first diagnosis.  She left an adoring husband and precious teenage son to find a new normal after years of being loved and cared for in so many ways.  How does one find or replace or live without such a presence?  He loved coming home to her each and every night, they both felt so loved and blessed by her smile and positive energy.  She was a good cook, a hands-on mom, and great housekeeper, the house they lived in was a home by her love and care.

Those around them could do little but watch and pray for these precious three.  Survivor guilt, helplessness, this effects all of us in one way or another. She was my age.  The students at the school came up with a great idea for the son, a chocolate locker.  Everyone, our girls included, bought or baked chocolate delights to fill an empty locker and presented him with it the day after his mother's memorial service.  Evidently, he is still working on it now in January. I gave my knight a basket filled with chocolate when his beloved father/best friend died nearly 5 years ago now.  It helped.

In his Christmas letter to those of us lucky receivers, he told us that he and his son must wait for things to calm down from the holidays to find a new normal.  A new normal.  It was an amazing tribute to her memory and not a dry eye finished his letter, not a dry eye.

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