Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book Tour and a GIVE AWAY!!!!!

Confessions of Joan the Tall

It is always a pleasure being part of a TLC blog book tour.  This time, I want to give this charming book away to a lucky reader!  How fun, I have never hosted a "Give away" on the Pillars before, but am certainly game.  Many thanks to TLC Book tours and CavanKerry Press, LTD.

About the book, as a cradle Catholic myself and growing up a little later that Ms.Cusack Handler, I can relate to much of what she spoke about in her diary.   I had to laugh when I read about her being taught that teeth are not holy or clean enough to touch the host, so you just swallow it.  I clearly remember Sr. telling us 2nd graders at Guardian Angels school, that we are not to chew Jesus!  Especially since nowadays, so many come back up the aisle chowing down on their blessed sacrament.

 Confessions of Joan the Tall is basically a journal of Joan as a young girl growing up in the 50's in a very pious Catholic family.  Her memories are stunning and hilarious at times and the books flows fairly quickly with each chapter being from a half page to 3 pages total.  She talks about everything from sin...the Mortal kind to modesty to going to Mass, receiving the sacraments and all the relationships of an extended Catholic family and neighborhood in the Bronx.

Nothing is perfect, nothing can be, but Joan was able to put a bit of humor on it and the innocence of a young child growing up amid the trials of  being good, staying good, and being surrounded by a good family to do it in.

Now for the book give away:  leave me a comment about how you grew up, which decade, and if you would like Joan's book.   I'll pick a winner by December youngest 16th birthday!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for being a part of this tour. We're glad you enjoy touring with us!

traveler said...

I would love to read this memoir since I grew up in the 1950's. Also my birthday is the 14th. Thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

petite said...

I would enjoy this memoir since it is special to me as I grew up during the 1950's when life was normal and simple. We were raised with principles and values that continue to this day. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

Ebeth said...

Thank you to both of you for your response and interest in Joan's book. I had my youngest draw a name from a hat and Petite won!

I am also hosting another book give away for Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle's book.

Christmas season blessings!