Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wisdom from the room down the hall....

 Becca's Rules for Successful Living

  1. Manage time wisely. Prioritize tasks and assignments and accomplish goals daily.
  2. Allow for leisure time everyday.  Everyone needs to enjoy life, so have a little fun each day.
  3. Pray daily.  Thank God for the good days and ask for help in times of need.
  4. Develop your talents.  Being good at something requires practice.  Do this each day.
  5. Have an even temper.  Bear others' wrongs and your own patiently.
  6. Eat in moderation. Do not eat more than you need and eat good things.
  7. Exercise daily.  A healthy and fit body is a happy body.
  8. Drink water.  Keep your body hydrated
  9. Enjoy the silence.  Meditate and allow your mind time of rest and rewind.
  10. Experience nature.  The human soul needs places not touched by the hand of man.
  11. Rest.  Sleep enough so that your days are not struggles.
  12. Persevere.  Never let your shortcomings cause you to give up your pursuits. 
As the mother of this teen, I'm not totally surprised yet I am pleased.  This was a homework assignment in English that the teacher told me I needed to read.  He was impressed and knew I would be as well.

At the end of this paper she mentions making a pamphlet with one could carry around as a reminder.  I think a pamphlet is definitely in order....for her mom!

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