Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Word about Modern Technology

My son is hysterical, he is what we fondly call the 'gadget guy', he is totally into his handheld devices.  For instance, a few years ago, he "outgrew" his iPhone 3g, so he convinced me to buy it from him, since all I really wanted for Christmas that year was a iPod to listen to my podcasts and music with.  He says it's just like iPod except you can use it as a phone, too.  Well, I went for it and bought it case and all (Why the Otter case itself is worth $50, he says.)  Anyway, after some tutorials from him when he is around I start to like the thing, as an iPod.  One day, he asks me why I hadn't switch my old phone to this iPhone yet.  Well, I'm not exactly the techy he wishes I was, but finally with some convincing he has me totally switched.  Again, there is a hugh learning curve for me.

The cheapskates that my knight and I are, we hold on to phones until they have been dropped, refurbished, repaired, and then so obsolete that the phone company has to tell us to upgrade.  So our son moves in on his daddy to upgrade to the iPhone.....saying well, mom can upgrade to the 4S and you can get hers if you don't want to go into TOO much expense. (I'm now working at a part-time job so I have my  own money and can justify the new device.)  The switch is made, the old razor junkpiled and he is learning the 4 3g.

Interesting, on the iPhone 4S there are all these cool apps, one of which looks like an old-fashioned microphone from the old radio days, sweet huh?  Well, I find out that it's a voice recording app.  Why I can record school parent meetings, music, even voicemail messages!!!  What is even cooler is that I can take these voicemail messages....even copied from my knight's phone and send them to other people!!

So whenever either of us get a voicemail that we want to keep to for future reference, we just simply copy them on our phones, and send them to the house computer...or even put them on a CD.  Isn't that cool?

Yes, yes, I'm still learning all these new technical things, but it sure is fun when you get one that us very useful.

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