Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Movie Review: For Greater Glory

Based on a true event in the Mexican history books in 1926 to June 1929.  It was the struggle of the Mexican Catholics for religious freedom, drastically taken away with force by the Mexican government.  A movement called Cristeros, rose up to defy the anti-religious strictures of the Mexican regime.   "Viva Cristo Rey!"  meaning "Long Live Christ the King" was the battle cry of the members of this movement.

Three years of battle against the heavy-handed government filled with brutality and oppression against the Catholic Church and her members in Mexico.  The violence in this movie depicts this cruelty, including the torture of the 14 year old boy.

Three priests and 10 laymen, including a 14 year old boy, Jose Sanchez del Rio, were beatified in 2005, join a growing list of 20th-century Mexicans recognized by the Church, including the 25 martyrs beatified by Pope John Paul II during his trip to Mexico in 2000.

This movie, as violent and intense as it was, should make every American, rather every human being, stop and appreciate the freedoms we have to move about and enter any religious building and worship as we see fit.  It also should make every human being take a step back and ponder how cruel we are to each other beyond reason, beyond human, beyond comprehension!  How horrific we have been to each other throughout our history starting with Cain and Abel.  Is there a way we can stop this madness?  Is there a way we can come to our senses and learn to love, to do to others as we would have them do to us?

My prayer tonight and every night from this day forward will be for peace, agape love for our neighbor.  That we treat each other as we would want to be treated.  That punishments fit the crime, but love tenders the punishment.  I know that there will never be a utopia as long as we are human with a free will, but
basic rights of worship should be one of those things that are called untouchable by anyone, including the governments of countries. Those who are centered around their God are more centered people, that is good for society, good for each other, and possibly leading to being peaceful people.

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