Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A great day

Nature, don't you just love it??  I had the most fun today with my two daughters working at a science camp called, "Upstream-Downstream Connection". Fourteen 10-12 year old children from the Boys and Girls Club came out for the week to learn about science, where we get our water from our food, recycling, how much water we use on a daily basis, kayaking, water species, and then we take a trip to the ocean to visit the sea turtle hospital and beach.  The kids have a great time.

First these great youngsters made botanical T-shirts with paint and leaves they picked yesterday.  I helped them get the paint and impressions to work properly on their shirts.  Then we hung them out to dry and ate lunch.  Then after lunch we went out and met a water safety instructor, Kim, who taught us about kayaking and then we picked a kayak and set sail.  I was a bit shaky at first, but very soon got the hang of it; what a great afternoon.

What I enjoyed the most was watching the kids who were scared at first, digging into the water with their paddles and going all over the pond with grins on their faces calling out to each other how fun this was and "Hey, see where I am now!!"

Nature, God is in the places we are, He is in the trees, the breeze, the pond and the birds in the sky.

This was a great day.

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