Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day thoughts

Dad's make a difference in our world, good or bad; there is way too much data out there saying so to refute it.  Dad's are needed, necessary, and nearly always loved whether they deserve it or not.  What a great responsibility it is to be a role model for a child!  

Today I have read about fathers in others lives, mostly good examples that they are willing to be pictured with and/or tearfully remembering them fondly. A couple had disappointing fathers that let them down often and left them feeling hurt and unloved.

Whether you are a deadbeat father, an upbeat father or a beet red father from playing with the kids all afternoon outside at the pool, you have a choice; and remember that the choice has inexhaustible effects that can go generations ahead of you and make or break people you will never meet, but it will be on your shoulders all the same.

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