Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

A memorial celebration has a dichotomy of sadness and pride; loss and growth, fulfillment and emptiness.  To call it a celebration, well yes it is, but not a truly happy one.  My mind drifts to that picture of the young boy in near tears as he is presented with his father's flag, crushing at best.

The spoils of war lasts a lifetime and are ever changing as a price paid for freedom, peace, and security of many, yet so expensive for a precious few.  Its hard to imagine such a loss upon the young.

There will be no jumping for joy, streamers flying, confetti raining on this celebration day, just flags, and prayers for those who paid the amazingly ultimate price and for those left in the wake of such a sacrifice.

Oh Heavenly Father, so great and so good,
look down on your children this morn
We praise you, we thank you, we love you
above all, and cry for the lost and fallen and mourn.
Give peace and salvation for those whom we cry
Give peace and libation to those who are left
so that war will no longer be a need to decry
give peace to our world, countries, and homesteads
So loses no longer will be hastily suffered
by a loved one, a child,  mothers or a dads
and peace will reign and  true celebrations will be
with confetti and streamers and cupcakes instead.

Though we didn't lose my father-in-law in WWII, this is he in 1943, we did lose him to another battle a few years ago.  He is sorely missed.

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