Sunday, April 1, 2012

30K Nano for Christ

Well, I have been thinking about this for quite a while.  I know that my attention span has lagged, but this time, I'm surely going to try to make something happen for my writing.  This blog has been alive and kicking for 5 years, so I have had lots to talk about, why would that stop?

For the past 3 years, I have been a member of the Catholic Writer's Guild, an online group of amazing Catholics writing fiction, non-fiction, poems, novels, short stories, comic books, and e-zine articles; all of us doing the same time, writing about Christ and His mission on earth that we need to continue to carry on.
The topics that I have chosen to write for this 30K will be in keeping with my general blog theme, but with a twist.  I am so tired of the same violent programing on television and in the movies, and the sex and immoral themes in songs and the above mentioned media, that I want to start kicking around some ideas for better programing and music.

One thing that my knight and I have talked about in recent years has been that we were raised in a time when television was fun, funny, and truly entertaining, for instance, the Ed Sullivan show, I love Lucy, the cartoons weren’t bad, violent maybe, but I disagree with that thought, since we live in a world now that you can’t spank your own kids without raising eyebrows.  The roadrunner and Wylie coyote running off cliffs and crashing into trains is funny.  Oh, no don’t you go there, it was funny and you know it!  Today we have CSI, Criminal minds, NYC22, the “Good” Wife, ….these are all totally violent programs!  I protested about it on Facebook one day, and several of my Catholic friends told me how they liked watching them, that they were entertaining.  One talked about how she loved how the detectives solved the murders, how forensics is intriguing……sad.

Now, I am not going to hate those that love these programs, but I do want to bring up one very important point; violence, death, and misfortune has become the entertaining which means that more of this programming will be made and less of the good stuff.  Kids are no longer entertained by fun slapstick, its murder and death, gore and horror or bust.

What does that make for adults for the future?  Why does this alarm me?  So death and murder and meanness rules the day how will they raise their own children?  How will they love their neighbor?  How will they fight right from wrong?  What will it be like to be a victim in the future when victims are entertaining, would there be popcorn/peanuts and cold beer sold at the scene of crimes then?  Will there be just punishments for these crimes or will there be a video camera catching all the gory and juicy details?  What do we have to look forward to?

Maybe history will repeat itself on this and bring back the old and make it new; like the funny programs we loved so dearly.

Anyway, I will post this now and work on more later.  It’s holy week, there are things to talk about on this too, but it does all tie together.


Deanna said...

Question: what is this 30K Nano for Christ you are doing? I'm intrigued, but confused at the same time. peace

SueB said...

I agree with every word as if I had written them myself!

Ebeth said...

Thank you, SueB! Glad you stopped by!!