Sunday, March 4, 2012

I don't understand how parents......

of teenage daughters ALLOW and PURCHASE bras and underpants for their daughter (and themselves) under the "labels" of bathing suits to wear out in public!!  Can you only see how shocked these same parents would be if their daughter walked out to the mailbox wearing only her "real" bra and underpants??  "What is wrong with you!!"  They would shout, get back in here!!"  So, next the girl goes back to her room, changes into her new bikini and goes back out to fetch the mail.  All will be OK, no yelling parent.  "That's better."  they would say.

It's sort of like the Empirer's new clothes, as he walks throughout the streets of his kingdom totally naked and brainwashed, no one dares to say anything, they are told that the king's clothes are marvelous and don't say anything different!

Everyone just follows everyone conscience, no moral conscience at all.

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