Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where do you write meme

This is our newest addition, Hermione, who likes to hang with me most of the day.
 Jennifer, of her blog Conversion diary, has given us something fun to do for some lighthearted fun...and curiosity.  I have to agree, I'm very interested in where you guys are writing your amazing blogs!

Well, for me, I type at the keyboards in the den of our home....and never alone I might add.  Jennifer even wanted to see what our chairs look like, well, the last pic is what my chair looks like most time when I vacate it for one reason or another.
These are the very pillars I climb each and every day as a Catholic mom and blogger
Here is my plan last year to get organized, meh, somedays it happens.
Lolek, bl. John Paul II's namesake and my fav

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