Saturday, February 11, 2012

A question, I wish we could ask in parishes

Just wondering, the liberal and "feminists" of the world want us to believe that up to 95% of Catholic women use contraceptives.

Do you think that is true??

Just to be fair, I'll answer the question:  No I don't and never have used contraceptives.  I have 3 children spaced by God's plan.   Wish I had more, but alas.


Adrienne said...

It's true...

Colleen said...

I've been told that the statistic is that 95% of Catholic women have at one time used contraception. Not necessarily presently. That can be deceiving. How many once used it but changed their mind? I also read on a blog somewhere that this stat includes NFP! Well. That's misleading, isn't it? NFP is not contraception!

RAnn said...

A lot of it depends on your definitions. Is NFP a contraceptive? I know we don't consider it to be the same thing, but does whoever wrote this? What is a Catholic? Do you have to go to church regularly?

All that being said though, I think that if you define "Catholic" as someone who attends a Catholic church at least 50 times a year, you'd find that far more of them use (or used, when they were in "need" of it) artificial contraception than did not.

Maybe the younger generation is different, but I'm in my early 50's. Of couples our age that we run with who I know enough about their family planning to describe, I can tell you that
couple 1: NFP only, three planned children
couple 2: condoms, two planned kids
couple 3: condoms, two closely spaced surprises, followed by tubal ligation.
couple 4: pills, planned child, pills, secondary infertility
couple 5: pills, infertility treatments, two planned pregnancies-not sure what after that
couple 6 condoms, two planned pregnancies, conversion to nfp, one late life surprise

All of these couples are in church weekly, and most are active in their parishes.

I was chatting with some moms in my baby's class, most of whom are 15-20 years younger than me. The kids are in a Catholic school; I know some of the moms in the group were regular churchgoers; not sure about the others. The thrust of the discussion was that when the Pope pays our tuition bills, he can tell us how many kids to have.

momto8 said...

according to my college kids EVERY college female is on the pill..they never considered NOT taking the is so is beyond shock! And some of the girls are on the pill because it makes their skin look better or their breasts look is really shocking!!

Agnes B. Bullock said...

The women interviewed were women of child bearing age ( up to 44) looking to NOT get pregnant and yes NFP was included.