Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spiritual vs knowledgeable

First and foremost, I love God and have consecrated myself to Jesus Christ in all that I study.  My children are my responsibility to bring and offer back up to God with their own sacks of coins or talents directed to Him who is all holy and divine.  He's everywhere in our home, on my mouth and in my heart as their mom.

BUT, when my youngest was asked who was her two most spiritual influences in her life, she listed bl. John Paul II at the top of her list and Fr. Edward second.  These two are VERY good and Godly men, no doubt.  Others mentioned their moms and/or dad which says to me that they are doing a great job with their young charges in the faith department.

Thinking about it, I realized that spirituality and being knowledgeable are two very different gifts; those that can combine these are doing something right.  A few years ago, during Lent a speaker came to speak to the parish.  He was a priest with several degrees and an abundance of knowledge and he had very interesting talks with good points, but they just seemed somewhat empty.   Thinking more about it during the next day, I realized what was missing, spirituality.  I too feel at this point a lack of spirituality; forgiveness and bitterness have settled in as the current life lesson has been revealing itself to me lately.

What causes this?  Not enough time behind praying hands, adoration, or Mass attendance, perhaps?  Possibly getting all  forgiveness up-to-date and having close relationships with spiritual souls could feed and fuel ones own spirituality?   All the rosaries, bracelets, bumper stickers, and prayer cards won't make one spiritual if they are not attending to the most important things....communication.  Communing with God in the quiet slices of time during a hectic day could help and I rarely make time for that anymore.  My dearest friend, Denise in TX told me once or actually more than once, when she would find me depressed and sitting in a corner of my world not reaching out, "Looks like someone hasn't been in the Word lately!"  She is ALWAYS right and I am always convicted.

Heading back to the Word and camping out with my God.


RAnn said...

I hear you loud and clear.

Barbara Schoeneberger said...

So true. If we don't make time for God, pretty soon we start running on empty. The hard part is when we go through times of aversion to prayer. I remember in St. Faustina's diary that her novice mistress wisely excused her from prayer and had her do housework instead. Sometimes we have to just go about our ordinary lives and offer up everything we're doing for the salvation of souls and let God work in us as He will. Not easy.