Saturday, September 3, 2011

Servant of the servants of God: Pope Gregory the Great

An aristocratic-born Roman, Gregory served for a short time,then much like St. Francis and many others sold his stock in the good life to serve the Lord.

To his credit:
1.  founded monasteries in Rome and Sicily
2.  was ordained a deacon and served in Constantinople for 5 years
3. On Sept 3, was  elected Pope as the first Monk to be so elected
4.  Reformed the administration of the Church's estates
5.  Devoted the surplus to assist the poor and ransoming prisoners
6. Negotiated treaties with the Lombard tribes that were ravaging Northern Italy
7.  Cultivated good relationships with the Lombard and other barbarian groups
8.  Kept the Church's position secure in the areas were Roman rule was broken
9.  Propagation of the faith in England by way of sending Augustine of Canterbury and others there
10.  A proliferate writer on topics such as pastoral care, spirituality, and morals

Designating himself as the servant of the servants of God, Pope Gregory the Great devoted his life in the service of God and things good and peaceful.

Sounds like another pope we all know, love and miss dearly that we will hopefully deem "the great" as well.

St. Gregory the Great and Bl. John Paul II, pray for us!

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