Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Blessed Mother inspires me; her silence, her faith, undaunted strength as the mother of God's son both divine and human makes me shake my head in so many ways.

When Our Lady is described as Our Lady of Sorrows, I think of the Pieta, Christ's heinously tortured dead body draped across His sorrowful mother's lap.  What it must have been like to stand by helpless and horrified as her son was crucified.  Oh my Gosh, what pain and torture thinking about this scene in her sandals is unbearable.  Motherhood is not always the easy job to begin with, but this is the one part, watching a child being mistreated, tortured, mock, mortally wounded is beyond any job description, but it is part of it.  Also, knowing how the child would fine great consolation in the sight of their mother being nearby can't be denied.

During our time here on earth, there are times when hearing our mother's voice, receiving her motherly advice and encouragement, feeling her love in her voice, or from a hug gives us that strength to get through life a little bit further.  Not everyone has a nurturing mother as what I describe, but that's where Our blessed Mother comes in.  The prayer that she gave us, the rosary, is the perfect communication to her that we have.  The form of this prayer lends to our everyday schedules, busy or not, we can all fit in a decade or two here and there and the repetitiveness of this prayer is like a small child's constant call to it's mother for attention and consolation.  We are all Her children, all calling out in supplication for support.  The rosary is her gift to us and vindication of our calling out to her, "Mamma, mamma, mamma!"

Lose yourself in Her prayer today, call out to her for some motherly nurturing and support.  Our Mother's gift is our consolation in the repetitious prayers of the rosary:

 Hail Mary!          Oh Momma!
Full of grace!         Our help!

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