Sunday, September 11, 2011


OK, this is not another 9/11 tribute or story, however, these thoughts have had their root in that infamous day.

Earlier this evening, my 14 year old sat quietly and attentively to the special her daddy and I were watching about the 9/11 events.  After awhile, she cuddled up next to me and just sat there in silence.  Asking her if something was wrong, she told me that she hadn't really known what happened on September 11th.  She thought only one tower fell and so she was rather taken back by all the devastation and horror the real day has been served.  "I just never realized, Mom."  I had to confess that at age 4, we really didn't feel the need to subject her to the bare facts and the recycling of news videos of the 9/11 and that as the years have gone by, we never thought about it.  So, now here we are with a young 14 year old facing the reality of 9/11 for the first time 10 years later.

She understood our reasoning in not exposing her to whole truth, but it didn't take away the shock for her.  She was still frightened.  I didn't know exactly what to say at first, gut feeling kicked in and the Holy Spirit too, since I am always asking for guidance here and then I asked her.  "Do you wonder how people get through these horrible events?"  She nodded.  Not wanting to sound too preachy I simply said, "Faith".  God is for everyone, here I'm thinking about the newly revised Roman Missal, but not everyone accepts Him.  We have a freewill that we make our decisions with and some refuse God's presence in their lives.  The ones who accept Him are the ones who allow Him to help them get though what ever life dishes them.  There is something far bigger than the events on 9/11 or anything else our society can dish out, far bigger and that is God and having faith in Him and feeling His presence.

We must remember, but never forget. We must remember what happened and be watchful for the next thing that may happen, but we must never forget that God is much bigger that anything in the world.

It's my prayer that this can help someone else....somewhere.

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