Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Catholic Vitamin assignment from Deacon Tom

Listening to Catholic Vitamins last night on my walk, Deacon Tom challenged us to write an email to God; sounds easy enough, right?  But then he said to write another email with God answering your email.  Dee, Deacon Tom's wife, wasn't completely about it, but said she'd try and after some thought, I have taken up the challenge as well.

Here goes:

Dear God,

Once again, here I am asking you what my purpose is, what it is that you want me to do for you?  I know for sure that you have a plan for me, I know that without having to ask.  So with that in mind, my question is half's just the "WHAT" that I need help with.  I know I keep asking and it seems like I'm not really listening and maybe that means I need you to work on your signs to me.

As always and forever more Totus Tuus,

My dearest child,

When you suffer with the unknown, you are carrying out my plan, not that I want you to be unhappy, but in a learning, listening state.  I want you to yearn for my guidance and grace and I want you to never be lazy about your journey.  To be too comfortable would be to lay around and not struggle for me.  If you did not struggle, you would not be looking for me.  If you were not looking for me, you would not feel that you needed me.  In time you will know where your work is taking you, just keep on going and know that you are truly being loved by me.  Keep praying the rosary and the chaplets and keep smiling.

Always near you and loving you,


Oh my.....


Deacon Tom said...

Dear Ebeth, what a gift to see your 'personal' e-xchange with Jesus. And so, the message is that this isn't supposed to be easy... that the continuing quest is what keeps yearning for more and deeper contact with I AM. Thank you. Wouldn't it be nice if we read e-xchanges from others? Blessings. Hugs. dt/d

Roalgeroc said...

Well now. That sounds like a neat assignment - I'll have to give that some thought myself!

St. Peter said...

That was a beautiful post :)