Saturday, May 7, 2011

A book Tour: Framing Faith

Framing Faith tells the story of the faith of immigrants and their descendants, spotlighting ten Catholic churches in the Diocese of Scranton that were closed due to restructuring. The churches, SACRED HEART, MAYFIELD; ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA, SCRANTON; ST. JOSEPH, SCRANTON; HOLY FAMILY, SCRANTON; ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST, SCRANTON; ST. MARY OF THE ASSUMPTION, SCRANTON; ST. MARY CZESTOCHOWA, SCRANTON; ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, TAYLOR; IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, TAYLOR; AND ST. MICHAEL, OLD FORGE have rich ethnic heritages. They are Polish, Slovak, Italian, German, and Lithuanian parishes with long traditions and deep roots. Each church was founded by immigrant groups who came to the coal fields of the Lackawanna Valley with little more than their faith in God. Their churches served as the center of the community and touchstones of the Old Country. Framing Faith traces their histories from small beginnings through baptisms, weddings and funerals to their final celebrations. Throughout the text are images from each church, visual reminders of what was for many an important part of their lives.

How does this happen?  What a loss, can this be turned around?


Tribute Books said...

Thank you Ebeth for spotlighting "Framing Faith" on your blog and for helping us spread the word to Catholic readers. We appreciate your support.

Linda said...

I assume that "restructuring" means "modernizing"? Without having the book, I'm not sure of what "loss" you speak.

Ebeth said...

Hi Linda, I tried to find a way to contact you about the book, Framing Faith" What is happening is the diocese are closing parishes due to financial situations and in the wake are these beautiful Churches and many who are left mourning their loss.

Easter Blessings and thank you for stopping by!!