Sunday, April 17, 2011

If I asked nicely...

If I asked nicely, asked sweetly, could I change Your will?
If I didn't know any different, was simply a fool, would that change Your will?
Could You change your plan.....just a bit, to make a point and prove your presence?
Would it make a difference, if you gave us a miracle, Your Will in our midst? Could it?
If we looked up at you in the bluest of skies, with tears and much fear in our eyes
Possibly could that impress you enough to change Your will?

I pray that it's Your will that good news comes soon.
Not soon enough for some, but the few could see and feel your mercy
That it would change our Will and bend to Your will. 
Would that change us?

So You've asked nicely, asked sweetly, for me to change my will
I know no different, I'm simply a fool without Your will
You have changed my plan....just a bit, to make a point, you proved your presence.
You've made a difference, I am that miracle in our midst.
You looked down from the bluest of skies, saw my tears and all my fears
You blessed me, gave me grace enough to change my will.

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