Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Serving at Mass and WHAT TO WEAR!!????!!!!

What if you were asked to serve as an usher or a server at someone's wedding or special event on a Tuesday morning.  How would you dress?  What if the event was on a Sunday morning?  Would you dress any different?

What if you were asked to be a Eucharistic minister for a Tuesday morning Mass.  What would you wear?  What if the Mass was on Sunday morning, would you dress any different?

What are you expected to wear to a wedding, I know it depends on where and what time the event begins, but still don't you want to appear respectful of the purpose of the gathering?  Then change the whole deal by having you as part of the event in some way or another.  The dress code changes doesn't it?

The Mass is the MOST IMPORTANT event that we do as people of God.

Is daily Mass any different in it's purpose and meaning than Sunday morning Mass?

This morning two Eucharistic ministers, knowing that they were serving, showed up in Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and workout sweats.  REALLY?  How reverent did these individuals take what they were doing?  What were they touching, administering, saying??  You show up in sweats to serve the body and blood of Jesus Christ?  Our God and creator??  The Alpha and Omega of the Universe???

Would these two people make an extra effort to look proper if it were a funeral or a wedding?

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