Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Raise the B.A.R. this Lent? Here's a challenge for you

Thanks to my son who sold his iPhone to me at Christmas, (hey, nothing is free when raising kids especially as they get older) I have found a new past time; listening to podcasts...all Catholic ones, too.  I know that there are other great ones out there, but right now I am concentrating on Catholic information fruitful and helpful to me as a writer and blogger.

Here are a few that are my favorites:

Catholic Vitamins with Deacon Tom and Dee Fox.  They have a great banter together and their guests are very interesting and Justin Stroh's "The new evangelation" segments are powerful!

Another favorite podcast is Among Women with Pat Gohn.  She is a compassionate and passionate Catholic mom whose spirituality comes through so genuine and orthodox in her words and writing.  She sets up her segments with saints, prayers, and interesting guests as well. 

This special podcast #92 from March 17th is about reading the Bible and Pat is talking about raising the bar during this Lenten season.  Raising the BAR you ask?  What does this mean?  Here, let me explain and then you may want to be a regular subscriber to Among Women.

Raising the BAR means spending an extra 3 hours during this Lenten season with the Bible, in adoration, and praying the rosary.  Spend three hours sometime during this season at Church reading the Bible in Adoration and praying the Rosary giving Jesus 3 hours of our time as He did during His passion.  This is an easy and concrete assignment that can be divided up into one-hour segments at a time during the season when your responsibilities are taken care of and you can concentrate on Jesus and His passion for this short time.

Pat suggests four questions to ask yourself to help get the most out of the reading the Bible:

What does the passage say?
What does it mean?  What does the author saying?
Is it true?  Our believing is questioned and we must be secure in this.
So what?  What difference does it make to this time and place and to me?

See how fruitful our good Catholic Media users are...and if you listen until the end, you might even hear your very own Pillarclimber with her favorite Bible verse!

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